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Abbreviation MeOH
Plant Niigata, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Brunei
Main Applications Formalin, acetic acid, methyl methacrylate, methyl chlorides, coating compounds, synthetic resins, solvent, pharmaceuticals

Clean Energy for the Future


Methanol is a great leader due to its wide range use. Approximately 70 percent of Methanol is produced from natural gas resources, and it provides for a diversity of final applications ranging from adhesive manufacture, agricultural chemical production, paint and varnish production, the manufacture of synthetic resins, synthetic fiber fabrication and even for cardiac disease medications. At present, Methanol is highly valued for its capability as a clean energy of the future. Taking conventional energy resource applications as an example, Methanol has been utilized for direct fuel resources and as MTBE (a gasoline additive). But, the leading-edge application attracting the most attention now is the Methanol -reformed type fuel cell. In this application, Methanol is resolved to extract hydrogen, and the energy generated in the course of this reaction of hydrogen with oxygen in the air is harnessed as electricity. Automobiles using this power source will have high environmental performances due to greatly reduced CO2 and any other exhaust gas emissions . In addition, their energy efficiency will be superior to that of gasoline powered cars. in the meanwhile, all of the automobile manufacturers are making every effort to develop this technology. In the very near future, such advanced automobiles will be available to the general public.

Methanol Downstreams


What is Unique Features of MGC Methanol Business?

Methanol3The Kozan Maru Ⅴ

MGC is an all-around Methanol manufacturer only in the world. The business activities include possession of overseas Methanol plants with MGC's unique technologies, transportation of Methanol products via private use ships, acceptance in Methanol receiving-only terminals owned in Japan, in-house consumption and sales for both domestic and foreign markets. In addition, MGC is providing a wide range of derivative products made from Methanol.

MGC's Methanol business history begun with Japanese first success in synthesis of Methanol from natural gas resources exploited by own efforts at Niigata Prefecture in 1952. Manufacturing, catalytic and operational technologies, which had been fully sophisticated since that time, contributed significantly to Methanol plant constructions at Saudi Arabia in 1983 and at Venezuela in 1994. And at present, MGC is importing approximately 40 percent of all the required quantities in current situation where Japan is 100% Methanol import country.

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