Abbreviation NPG
Plant Mizushima
Main Applications Alkyd resin paint, polyester resin, powdered paint
Existing Chemical Substance No. 2-240


  NPG (melt) 90%NPG NPG (flake)
Chemical Formula (CH3)2C(CH2OH)2
Molecular Weight 104.15
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Colorless transparent water solution White flakes
Specific Gravity
No data 0.978(40℃) 1.047
Boiling Point
(℃ 760mmHg)
211 211
Freezing Point
129~130 38 (slurry at 30℃) 129~130
Flash Point (℃) 152 No data 152 (Open-cup flash test)
Ignition Temperature
399 No data 399
Dust Explosion:
Lower Explosive Limit
Minimum Ignition
Solubility Readily soluble in water

Applicable Laws

  NPG (melt) 90%
NPG (flake)
Industrial Safety and Health Law
High Pressure Gas
Fire Service Law
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law
Law on the Prevention of Marine Pollution and Maritime Disaster
Ship Safety Law Hazardous material, harmful liquid (high temperature transportation)
Civil Aeronautics Law
Other Major Applicable Laws

Classification of Hazard

  NPG (melt) 90%NPG NPG (flake)
Classification Classification standard not applicable
Hazardous Not specially hazadous
Harmful Not specially harmful

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