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Publications and Presentations in 2016


Title Journals, Lectures, or Society Meetings
Development trend of high thermal conductivity substrate material 17th PRINTED WIRING BOARDS EXPO Technical Conference (2016.1.14)
Solid lubricating entry sheet CFRP / titanium grade - The drilling technology for CFRP/ titanium by using solid lubricating entry sheet - Study group of the composite for next generation, National composite center Japan, Nagoya University
A drilling method of CFRP and titanium plate by solid lubricating sheet SAMPE Long Beach(USA)
Multilayer Plastic Syringe for Oxygen-Sensitive Drug 8th Annual Conference and Exhibition on Pre-Filled Syringes
Multilayer Technology to Enhance Oxygen Barrier of Plastic Containers ~OXY-CAPT™ Vial & Syringe~ Pharmapack Europe 2016
Cutting costs & Saving time for developing new medicine with our Oxygen Absorbing technologies INTERPHEX OSAKA 2016 Exhibitors' Presentation
Development of heat resistant polyphenol compounds applied to the Spin-On Carbon Hardmask. SPIE Advanced Lithography 2016
Neopulim (Transparent Polyimide Resin), Therplim, 1,3-BAC、TETRAD-X、H-TMAn 6th PLASTIC JAPAN Highly-functional Plastic Expo
Formation of hybrid ring structure of cyanurate/isocyanurate in the reaction between 2,4,6-tris-(4-phenoxy)-1,3,5-triazine and phenyl glycidyl ether International Journal of Organic Chemistry
Thermoplastic polyimide, Therplim; new injection molding material. Engineering plastics news
The effect of the Polymerization Number on the Thermophysical and Optical Properties of Fluorene Containing Polycarbonate Oligomers 27th Japan Society of Polymer Processing Annual Meeting
OXYCAPT Multilayer Plastic Pre-Filled Syringe with Glass-like Gas Barrier SMi 3rd Annual Pre-filled Syringe East Coast
OXYCAPT Multilayer Plastic Vial with Glass-like Gas Barrier Prefilled Syringe Seminar 2016 Tokyo
Automobile and resources and enery, methanol and DME Journal of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
Activities of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Inc. on Energy Security The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology, Vol.16 No. 1, p33
OXYCAPT Multilayer Plastic Pre-Filled Syringe with Glass-like Gas Barrier SMi Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast 2016
OxyVanish Japan Packaging Contest
The trend of fundamental and developmental research about natural gas utilization technology, Natural gas conversion and utilization technology Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy
Development of a special polycarbonate resin with a high refractive index and low birefringence JCIA Symposium 2016/Japan Chemical Industry Association
Polyacetal fiber and textile Polyacetal fiber and textile
High function fiber LEXTER, MX Nylon; low water uptake and exellent chemical resistance. The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan
PQQ Food Materials for Brain Functional Improvement -Development and Application ISBN: 978-4-7813-1174-6
Epoxy resin hardener for carbon-fiber reinforced plastic JISTES 2016 Kyoto
Nanoimprint of High Refractive Index Resin composed of Episulfide Material 29th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC2016)
Prepregs and molding samples of carbon fiber reinforced polyamide using LEXTER and MX nylon JISTES 2016 Kyoto
High functionarization of BT-resin The 66th thermosetting plastics symposium Japan
Fast Curing of Cyanate Ester Resin with Aromatic Diamines and Development of Various Novolak Type Cyanate Ester Resins Journal of Network Polymer, Japan, Vol. 37, No.6 (2016)
New Heat Resistance Resin ~under development ~ 4th PLASTIC OSAKA, Highly-functional Plastic Expo Osaka
Multilayer Plastic Vial & Syringe Made of Oxgen Absorbing and COP Layers PDA The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices
OXYCAPT™ Multilayer Plastic Pre-Filled Syringe with Glass-like Gas Barrier Innopack 2016
Industirial application for MX nylon and LEXTER K2016
Acrylic Film 5th PLASTIC OSAKA Highly-functional Plastic Expo Osaka
LE SheetR, the solid lubricating entry sheet for cutting work Composite highway convention 2016
Development of the Specialty Polycarbonate Resins characterized by High Refractive Index and Low Birefringence Hexa Conference
LE Sheet®, the solid lubricating entry sheet for cutting work Tech Biz Expo 2016 Fair
China Coat 2016 - Product Exhibition Mainly exhibiting epoxy resin curing agent-related products including new hardeners for waterborne application/th> China Coat 2016/td>
Relationship of the Polymerization Number to the Thermal and Optical Properties of Fluorene Containing Polycarbonate Oligomers IPC 2016 (polymer Conference)
“Solid lubricating entry sheet(LE SheetR)” for cutting work of CFRP & titanium alloy, the features & usage The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology