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Publications and Presentations in 2009


Title Journals, Lectures, or Society Meetings
Preservation Method for Electronic Devices by Oxygen and Moisture Free Packaging Effectiveness of Maintain Reliability of Soldering 15th Symposium on “Microjoining and Assembly Technology in Electronics”
New approach for administration of insulin by electrospraying in the rat The 129th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
Fluorination of alcohols and diols with a novel fluorous deoxy-fluorination reagent Journal of Fluorine Chemistry
Fine-Line Patterning of Transparent Ga-Doped ZnO Thin Films by Wet-Chemical Etching The Japan Society of Applied Physics, the 56th Spring Meeting, 2009
Efficient gene transport into living cells by impact ofgaint droplets The 89th Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan
Effect of light sources and visible-light activate titanium dioxide photocatalyst on bleaching DENTAL MATERIALS JOURNAL
Development of New Phenyl Calixarene Type, Negative-Tone Molecular Resist, for EUV Lithography Technology Seminar 2009 of Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry, University of HYOGO
Evaluation of alcoholic hydroxyl derivatives for chemically amplified extreme ultraviolet resist SPIE Advanced Lithography 2009
Feature of Polyamide Imide composite materials Tribology Conference of Polymer materials
Development of Transparent Polyimide film NEOPULIM and its aplications for flexible displays and solar cells. Electric Journal 362th Technical Seminar.
Effect of 405nm near-ultraviolet semiconductor lasers on bleaching efficiency of the teeth whitening The Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry Spring Meeting in 2009 (the 130th)
The Crystal Growth by Liquid Phase Epitaxy -Application to (Zn,Mg)O Alloy- The Japan Society of Applied and Related Society (Spring Meeting 2009) Division of Crystals Science and Technology 
The 44th The Japan Society of Applied and Related Society School
Compatibility of Polyoxymethylene and Poly(lactic acid) Polymer Blended Composite The Japan Society of Polymer Processing (JSPP), the 20th Annual Meeting of
Fine-Line Patterning of Transparent Ga-Doped ZnO Thin Films by Wet-Chaemical Etching 216th ECS Meering(Vienna,Austria) The Erectrochemical Society
Monopersulfate treatment for preventing brown discoloration of ECF bleaching pulp Japan Technology Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry 
The 76th Pulp and Paper Research Conference
Regioselective synthesis of β-fluro-α,β-unsaturated ketones by the reaction of β-diketones with DFMBA Journal of Fluorine Chemistry
Damping property and applications of advanced damping material NeofadeR Publications “New Trends of Polymer Dumping Materials and Applications”
Effect of pyrroloquinoline quinone(PQQ) on mental status of middle-aged and elderly persons FOOD Style21
Basic Study on Determinants of Peracetic acid composition The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan
The Morphology and The Properties under under Uniaxial Tension of Polyoxylene 58th Symosium on Macromolecules
Sonochemical decomposition Reaction of Organohalides in Water
by adding oxidants
Society for Chemical Engineers, Japan The 41st Autumn Meeting
Scitilation properties of In doped ZnO different concentrations IEEE Transactions of Nuclear Science
Properties of Gallium and Aluminium-doped ZnO obtained from singlecrystals by liquid phase epitaxy Journal of Crystal Growth
The latest trends about gas barrier adhesive Japan Packaing Institute, the 122nd food distribution and packaging conference
Features and Applications of MX Nylon New Grade “K7007C” The 58th JCA Technical convention / Japan Canners Association
Selective Quantitative Analysis for Nonvolatile Oils in Polluted Soil by Thin-Layer Chromatography / Flame Ionization Detection BUNSEKI KAGAKU
Development of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack and Power Module JETI vol.57 No.11 (2009)
Historical Development and Future Prospect of hydrogen peroxide bleach in Japan The 1st History Panel Discussion in China, Japan and Korea
Development of oxygen absorbing film The 47th All-Japan Packaging Technique Study Convention (Japan Packaging Institute)
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Institute of Advanced Methane-Utilization Technology Symposium
The Morphology and The Properties under under Uniaxial Tension of Polyoxylene Asian Workshop on Polymer Processing, 2009
On the Combination of Braiding Technologies for Fabricating Continuous Natural Fiber-Reiforced Composites Asian Workshop on Polymer Processing in Malaysua 2009