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Publications and Presentations in 2011


Title Journals, Lectures, or Society Meetings
The Miscibility and Crystallization Behavior of Polyoxymethylene and Poly(Lactic Acid) Blends  Express Polymer Letter
Replication Properties and Structure of Polycarbonate in Micromolding with Heat Insulator Mold Using Zirconia Ceramic.  Journal of International Polymer Processing 
Particle Scattering Function of Two-Dimensional Flexible Macromolecule Macromolecules
Interfacial Adhesion Properties between Polyoxymethylene and Poly(Lactic Acid) Polymer Journal
Methanol Synthesis Catalyst and methanol synthesis reactor (Super Converter) Chemical Engineering of Japan, 75(13), 375 (2011)
MX Nylon Improved through Requirements and Expectations of the Market Chemical Engineering of Japan, 75(8), 498-502 (2011)
Oxidation Method for the contamination in ground water and soil Environmental Solution Technology
Features and applications of oxygen absorbing film Ageless Omac ENGINEERING MATERIALS, 59(3) (2011)
Gas Barrier Adhesive “MAXIVE” ENGINEERING MATERIALS, 59(3) (2011)
Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt Improves Higher Brain Function Medical Consultation & New Remedies, 48(5), 59 (2011)
Development of DMFC Stacks and Power Generation Systems at Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Inc. Nenryoudenchi, 10(3), (2011) 
Development of a negative-tone molecular resists based on hydroxyphenyl calix[4]resorcinarene derivative for EUVL  2011 International Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
Nanoporous Polycarbonate Film with High Aspect Ratio by Ion Track Etching Technique ANTEC 2011 (The Society of Plastic Engineers)
Miscibility of Polyoxymethylene and Poly(Lactic Acid) ANTEC 2011 (The Society of Plastic Engineers)
Transparent PI for flexible display International display workshop
Development of molecular resists based on Phenyl[4]calixarene for EBL SPIE
Reliability of Soldering / Environmental control for electornic components NPO Circuit Network, Regular meeting of July '11 
Nanoporous polymer film for a template on micro-scale transcription molding The Japan Society of Polymer Processing Symposium 2011
Structure Development and Surface Replication in Nano Injection Molding with Heat Insulator Mold The Japan Society of Polymer Processing Annual Meeting 2011
Development of high performance cyanate ester resins Research Group on Precisely Designed Network Polymer
Soluble Transparent Polyimide The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers   4th Symposium of Flexible Displays
Pyrroloquinoline quinone by Fermentation process and its progress The Japanese society for food science and technology
The development and application of the non-iron-based oxygen absorbing film The Society of Packaging Science & Technology
Utilization examples of LC-MS connected with various chromatographs  Heisei 23 1st Sikenkon analytical sectional meeting
Applications of oxygen absorbing film “Ageless Omac” for food International Plastic Fair Japan 2011
JPCA show 2011 (New product announcement; High Tg Material, New White Material, etc. 4 panels) JPCA Show 2011
Displaying Soil/Groundwater Remediation Technology in International Exhibition on Green Industry Development 2011 International Exhibition on Green Industry Development
YUTLAS ACE series including A and α products Tokyo Green Industry Conference 2011  Guidebook (English Ver.)
Display of DMFC Power Generation System 2nd International Smart Grid Expo.