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Publications and Presentations in 2010


Title Journals, Lectures, or Society Meetings
Problem of Going Drying Method for Electronic Devices and Effective of Oxygen and Moisture Free Drying Method 16th Symposium on “Microjoining and Assembly Technology in Electronics”
Technical Trends of Copper Clad Laminate for High speed and High frequency board 11th Printed Wiring Boards EXPO
MX-Nylon Features and Applications of New Grade:K7007C Form Pack 2010 Thermoformed Packaging Conference
Fundamental study of the method to purify of the oil-pollutions The 16th Symposium on Soil and Groundwater Contamination and Remediation
New Amorphous Polyester SPG-PET Form Pack 2010 Thermoformed Packaging Conference
Evaluation of hydroxyl derivatives for chemically amplified extreme ultraviolet resist SPIE Advanced Lithography 2010
Gas Barrier Adhesive “MaxiveTM” WEB Journal No.107号
Feature and usage development of deoxygenation film “Ageless OMACTM” Technical information institute co., ltd “Making to high performance and evaluation of barrier film -The 2010th case collection edition- ”
Fundamental study of the chemical oxidative degradation of iron-cyanide complex pollutants The 16th Symposium on Soil and Groundwater Contamination and Remediation
Improvements on Cu-ZnO methanol synthesis catalysts The Sixth Tokyo Conference on Advanced Catalytic Science and Technology & The Fifth Asia Pacific Congress on Catalysis
Weld line strength of Polyoxymethylene/Poly(lactic acid) blends Journal of JSPP, vol.21, p.221-222(2010)
YUTLAS ACE® Series, Environmental Bio-purification Materials for Oil-contaminated Soil Environment and Energy
Application of Oxygen Concentration Control Technology to Conservation of Cultural Properties  No. 59, June 2010, Insect & Fungus Damage to Cultural Properties
Preservation Technologies of Foods with Deoxidants Bokin-Bobai Vol.38,No.8
A Portfolio of Innovative Polymers, Latest Development on PA MXD6 2010 Polyester, Polyamide & Intermediates Conference
Present situation of oxygen scavenger and a trend of technological development Japan Packaging Institute Central part branch Wrapping material research regular meeting
Development of a novel negative-tone molecular resists based on hydroxyphenyl calix[4]resorcinarene derivative for EUVL MNC 2010, 23th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference
MX-Nylon---The high popular gas barrier material of PET bottles Packaging
Fuel Cells Situation and Outlook (2010) 1st Sanjo City Growth Field Challenge Seminar
Development of Polyacetal Fiber Summer Seminar Preprints of Sen-i Gakkai, VOL.41, p.117(2010)  
The development and application of the non-iron-based oxygen absorbing film Japan Canners Association, The 59th Technical convention
Development of New Negative-tone Molecular Resists based on Calixarene. EUVL Symposium
Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide based on microreactor technology Homepage of The national Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
On-site production of peroxymonosulfuric acid as a chemical to remove hexenuronic acid removal from Kraft pulp The 2nd International Symposium of Indonesian Wood Research Society
Transparent Polyimide Film 「NEOPULIM ®」 18th Japan Polyimide Aromatic Polymer Conference
Outlook of DME (Dimethyl ether) 2010 Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy, 90, 224-229 (2011)
Special Articles: RGB Joint Symposium - Recycle, Gasification and Biomass: Present Status of Technology for Using Wastes, Biomass and Coal, etc.
Introduction of MGC AI polymer Engineering plastics news
Growth of ZnO Single Crystals by Liquid Phase Epitaxy and its Scintillation Properties  The meeting for the study of Radiation Physics
Graphene Oxide Film Work shop “New twist of technology related to rare metal with nano carbon material”