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Publications and Presentations in 2015


Title Journals, Lectures, or Society Meetings
Corrosion example of heat exchanger in the batch device Japan Society of Corrsion Engineering
Recent progress in studies on the health benefits of pyrroloquinoline quinone Bioscience,Biotechnology,and Biochemistry
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - Portable power supply and Emergency power supply Wireless Japan Expo 2015‘,2nd Disaster Prevention Japan,Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy,International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2015
The trend of fundamental and developmental research about natural gas utilization technology, Natural gas conversion and utilization technology Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy
Effects of antioxidant supplements(BioPQQ) on cerebral International society on oxygen transport to tissue
Cell culture process development of antibody-producing CHO cell The 28th Annual and International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology
Automobile and resources and enery, methanol and DME Journal of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
Development of an Ultrasensitive assay for Pyrroloquinoline quinone in human plasma by HPLCCL detection The 28th Symposium on Biomedical-Analytical sciences
Fast curing of cyanate ester resins with aromatic amines and development of unsymmetrical novolak type cyanate ester resin Japan Thermosetting Plastics Industry Association, The 65th Symposium on Network Polymer, Poster presentation
Analysis of the mitochondrial biogenesis by Pyrroloquinoline quinone(PQQ) The 54th japan society of nutritional food science
High performance acrylic resin ”Optimas” The Optical Thin-Film Science and Engineering group
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - Portable power supply The 4th Revival of Fukushima, Renewable Energy Industrial Fair
Methanol and Dimethyl ether production technology Advanced Utilization of Natural Gas Resources Symposium
Development of new xanthendiol derivatives applied to the negative-tone moleculer resists for EB/EUVL SPIE Advanced Lithography 2015
Development of low moisture adsorbtion and high modulus nylon for CFRTP application SAMPE Japan 59th. symposium
JISSE14 Panel Exhibition 14th Japan Internatinal SAMPE Symposium & Exhibition(JISSE14)
ToF-SIMS and PCA analysis of Oligomer Distribution within Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology
Development of decorative films for thermoforming Kirihara O. et al. 2015. Development of decrative films, materials and processing technology. Tokyo: AndTech
Technologies and features of high refractive index resin “LumipluS” Japan Energy & Technology Intelligence
Investigation into the Distribution of Oligomer within Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic using SIMS 4th International Symposium on Energy Challenges & Mechanics (ECM4)
Analysis of Interphase between Glass Fiber and Polycarbonate Matrix using SIMS 20th International Conference on ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS XX)
Preservation of the food with oxygen absorber. CMC Research. Ltd.
Development and application of the oxygen absorbing film Development and Application of Active Film Packages CMC Publishing CO.,LTD.
“Differences” in the study between university and company Journal of Network Polymer
The Development of Laminate Materials for High Frequency for High Speed Communication NEPCON JAPAN 2015 16th PWB EXPO Technical Conference
Synthesis of Cyanate Ester Resins with Aralkyl Structure and Evaluation of Properties of Cured Resins 10th Packaging Material Seminar,Packaging Technology
The effects of short-term hypoxia on human mesenchymal stem cell proliferation,viability,and p16 mRNA expression:Investigation using a simple hypoxic culture system with a deoxidizing agent Journal of Stemcells & Regenerative Medicine
Solid Lubricating Sheet for Drilling of CFRP and titanium plate JEC Europe 2015
Deployment of the network polymer to electronics Journal of Network Polymer, Japan Vol.36 No.2
Formation of hybrid ring structure of cyanurate/isocyanurate in the reaction between 2,4,6-tris-(4-phenoxy)-1,3,5-triazine and phenyl glycidyl ether Journal of Chem Lett
Growth of non-emissive spots due to the oxygen in the organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and effect to prevent by the oxygen absorber Japan OLED Forum
Development and Application Effect of Renovated Oxygen Scavenger Packaging Material in Dry Condition. 24th the Society of Packaging Science&Technology Symposium
JPCA 2015 JPCA 2015
Development and application of the oxygen absorbing film Journal of pharmaceutical machinery and engineering Vol24 No4(2015)
Development and Application Effect of Renovated Oxygen Scavenger Packaging Material in Dry Condition. The September Number of Convertech
New Active Package to preserve phamaceutical products quality Cphi World WideMadrid Innopack Exhibitor Showcases 2015
A Drilling Method of CFRP and titanium plate by a Solid Lubricating Sheet Composite symposium for automotive parts,TECH Biz EXPO 2015
Development of Oxygen Scavenger Packaging Materials in Dry Condition 53th All-Japan Packaging Technique Study Convention
Technology to Prevent Degradation of Contents Using Oxygen Absorbing Packaging JOURNAL OF PACKAGING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, JAPAN
Anticorrosion method for industrial metallic products Seminar at Tokyo Metropolitan industrial technology research institute
OXY-CAPT Multilayer Plastic Syringe with Oxygen Absorbing Resin Pre-Filled Syringe UK
OXY-CAPT plastic vial and syringe with Oxygen Absorbing Resin Pharmapack Europe 2015
The Partnership reviewed between a pharmaceutical company and the manufacturer/supplier SMi Pre-Filled Syringes America
Multilayer Plastic Vial and Syringe Made of Oxygen Absorbing Polymer AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
OXY-CAPT Multilayer Plastic Vial & Syringe made of Oxygen Absorbing and COP Layers Innopack 2015,PDA The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices
Analysis of Additive and Impurity in Polymer by LC-MS Shikenkon,MS Forum by Nihon Waters K.K.