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Abbreviation m-MA
Plant Niigata
Main Applications Rubber vulcanization accelerator, pharmaceuticals, photographic chemicals, dye compound
Existing Chemical Substance No. (2)-129


  100%m-MA 40%m-MA
Chemical Formula CH3NH2
Molecular Weight 31.06
Appearance Colorless gas (under room temperature & atomospheric pressure)
Colorless transparent liquid (liquified under pressure)
Colorless transparent liquid
Odor Fishy smell
Specific Gravity (liquid 20℃/4℃) 0.67 0.902
Boiling Point (℃ 760mmHg) -6.33 44
Freezing Point (℃ 760mmHg) -93.5 -38
Flash Point (℃ Tagliabue (Tag) Closed Cup) 0 -10.8
Ignition Temperature (℃) 430 430 (Monomethylamine)
Flammability Limits (vol%) 4.9~20.7 4.95~20.75
Vapour Pressure (mmHg 25℃) 2204 294(20℃)
Viscosity (CP 25℃) 0.176 No data
Solubility 42.5wt% (40℃ 1atm) in water Readily soluble in water
Water solution is strongly basic; reacts violently with acids; corrodes aluminum, zinc and copper. Reaction with mercury produces an impact-sensitive product. Reacts with strong oxidizing compounds.

Applicable Laws

  100%m-MA 40%m-MA
Industrial Safety and Health Law Combustible Gas, Chemical Facilities Inflammable Substance, Chemical Facilities
High Pressure Gas High Pressure Gas, Liquefied Gas, Combustible Gas, Toxic Gas
Fire Service Law Class 4 Petroleum No.1 water soluble
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law Deleterious substance
Law on the Prevention of Marine Pollution and Maritime Disaster Hazardous fluid material class C
Ship Safety Law High Pressure Gas Inflammable liquids
Civil Aeronautics Law High Pressure Gas Inflammable liquid
Other Major Applicable Laws

Classification of Hazard

  100%m-MA 40%m-MA
Classification High Pressure Gas, Combustible Gas, Acute Toxicity Substance Inflammable liquid
Hazardous High Pressure Liquefied Gas and Inflammable Inflammable liquid
Harmful Severely irritates the skin and the mucosa upon contact; may cause chemical burns; repeated exposure may cause CNS disorder, headaches, anaemia, elevation of blood pressure, agitation, etc. Inhalation in high concentrations (vapour density 40%) may cause edema of the lungs.

Product Standard

  100%m-MA 40%m-MA
Monomethylamine (%) No less than 99.0 40.0~42.0
Dimethylamine (%) 0.2 or less 0.1 or less
Trimethylamine (%) 0.2 or less 0.1 or less
Ammonia (%) 0.0 or less
Water (%) 0.1 or less

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