Hydrogen peroxide

Abbreviation H2O2
Plant Yokkaichi, Kashima
Main Applications Bleaching agent for textiles, paper, pulp and all other industrial applications

In 1933, we started up the first commercial plant in Japan for producing Hydrogen peroxide based on an electrolytic process. Since then, we have engaged in the stable supply of Hydrogen peroxide to domestic and overseas customers. In 1963, our Yokkaichi plant succeeded in the commercial production of Hydrogen peroxide by an auto-oxidation process based on our proprietary technology. Since 1978, our production capacity has been further expanded by the start-up of another processing unit at our Kashima plant.

Hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleaching agent for paper, pulp and natural fibers, and also as an industrial chemical and pharmaceutical ingredient.

In addition to 35%, 45%, and 60% aqueous solutions of industrial specifications, Hydrogen peroxide derivatives meeting stringent food-additive specifications are also included in our product line.

Photo: Hydrogen peroxide

Right photo: tank truck, Left photo: transport ship

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