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Socially Responsible Sourcing

In our CSR activities, MGC  endeavors to make social and environmental considerations throughout the entire supply chain, from the procurement of materials to manufacturing and sales.
We call these efforts relating to the procurement of materials "socially responsible sourcing" , which we have explained in our Basic Concepts Related to Raw Material Procurement Activities and the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical CSR Procurement Guidelines. With the understanding and cooperation of our business partners, we will continue to promote socially responsible sourcing.

Basic Concepts Related to Raw Material Procurement Activities

In order to realize the MGC Group Mission of "creating value to share with society", MGC complies with the laws and various regulations in accordance with the MGC Corporate Behavior Guidelines, recognizes social issues in the supply chain, and strives for responsible procurement to support the development of a sustainable society.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
    We comply with the laws and social norms in purchasing activities.
  • Fair and equitable transactions
    With fair and equitable free competition as the basis, we strive to maintain relationships with our business partners based on high principles and virtuous character and strive to build partnerships based on mutual trust.
  • Selecting business partners
    When selecting business partners, we make decisions taking into account quality, price, supply stability, technological development capabilities, and safety and environmental considerations.
  • Fulfilling social responsibilities
    We conduct procurement activities that recognize corporate social responsibility and that give full consideration to human rights, conservation of resources, environmental protection, and safety among others.
    Even throughout the supply chain we aim to contribute to societal growth and harmony, and seek our business partners to work together.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical CSR Procurement Guidelines

We are deepening the understanding of our business partners by further actualizing the basic concepts related to raw material procurement activities.

  • Human Rights and Labor
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Fair Trade and Ethics
  • Quality and Safety
  • Information Security
  • Contribution to Society
  • Responsible Procurement of Raw Materials
    (Prohibition of Procurement of Conflict Minerals)

Details for each item are shown in this PDF file.

Evaluation of CSR at suppliers

We are working with our suppliers to promote CSR procurement. As part of this effort, we conduct surveys of our suppliers on important raw materials using the CSR Procurement Self-Assessment Tool (SAQ) developed by the Supply Chain Working Group of the Global Compact Network Japan.
In FY2021, we conducted a survey of our existing business partners and received responses from 189 companies. The response rate was 88% of the total number of survey requests.
We will further promote CSR activities in the supply chain by asking our suppliers to respond to the SAQ at the start of new transactions.

Number of companies by total score in FY2021

Number of companies by total score in FY2021

Average point by item in FY2021

Average point by item in FY 2021