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Promoting Diversity

MGC promotes diversity and is striving to establish an invigorated corporate culture that embodies mutual respect and enables all of our employees, themselves diverse individuals, to play active roles in a workplace environment that encourages personal growth and diverse values, which will allow new paths to emerge and technological innovation to take place.

Diversity Promotion Policy

MGC  defines diversity as “the active participation of all employees through the optimal utilization of their diverse individualities.”

MGC’s basic policy for promoting diversity is stated below. The aim is to create an invigorated corporate culture in which all employees participate actively based on acceptance of each other and being inspired by each other, and which gives rise to a wide variety of ideas and ways of thinking.  

Basic Policy

  • Promoting awareness about respect for diverse values and ways of thinking
    We promote the development of employee awareness that ensures everyone accepts and respects the differences in each other’s values, in the way they understand things, in the way they feel, and in their ways of thinking.
  • Creating an environment that ensures diverse work styles
    We are committed to promoting the development of a work environment that enables diverse and flexible work styles and to the realization of work-life balance, through “work style reform.”
  • Diversification of human resources and the creation of an organization that optimizes the utilization of each and every human resource
    We promote organization development that makes optimal utilization of diversity by recruiting and appointing diverse personnel regardless of gender, age, nationality, disability, or educational background.
  • Development of human resources who can demonstrate individual strengths
    We promote human resource development that makes it possible for each employee to hone and demonstrate their capabilities and their individuality as professionals.
  • Promoting mental and physical health (promoting health management)
    Mental and physical health is more important than anything else. We are committed to promoting our employees’ health maintenance and health enhancement.

(Established in January 2020)

Diversity Promotion System

We established the Diversity Promotion Office in August 2019 to develop a corporate culture of respect for diversity that values differences and further promote MGC’s management concept of creating a place where there is job satisfaction and a dynamic group in which motivations and abilities are respected.

In addition, as part of the CSR Expert Committee , we have organized a company-wide “Diversity and Inclusion Promotion Expert Committee” to promote the planning of measures and activities for improvement for a variety of issues.  

Diversity Promotion System

Activity Plan for Promoting Diversity

In order to ensure that the PDCA cycle of promoting diversity is implemented, we have formulated an annual plan and are developing company-wide initiatives to achieve our goals.

The FY 2020 Activity Plan for Promoting Diversity

Basic policy Promotion items Challenges and objectives of the initiatives
Promoting awareness about respect for diverse values and ways of thinking Cultivating awareness
  1. 1. Improvement in understanding diversity promotion within the company
Human rights awareness 
  1. 1. Promoting activities for human rights awareness
  2. 2. Strengthening anti-harassment measures
Creating a work environment that enables diverse work styles Work style reforms
  1. 1. Reduction of total working hours and productivity improvements
  2. 2. Enhancing a system that allows for diverse and flexible work styles
  3. 3. Strengthening the safety net
Diversification of human resources and the creation of an organization that optimizes the utilization of each and every human resource Women empowerment
  1. 1. Promoting career development support for women employees
  2. 2. Promoting schemes to assist in balancing work and family life
Diversification of human resources
  1. 1. Utilizing foreign personnel
  2. 2. Diversification of forms of recruitment
  3. 3. Promoting the active participation of people with disabilities
Organization development and development of human resources*
  • * Related to the two basic policies of “organization development” and “development of human resources”
  1. 1. “Visualization” of organizational issues
  2. 2. Promoting the development of human resources who can demonstrate individual strengths
Development of human resources who can demonstrate individual strengths
Promoting mental and physical health (promoting health management) Promoting health (improvements in nutrition, exercise, and rest)
  1. 1. Improvement in health awareness and knowledge
  2. 2. Establishing the habit of exercising
Disease prevention
  1. 1. Enhancement of measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases
  2. 2. Promoting mental health measures

Work Style Reforms and Work-Life Balance

Work style reforms that make possible work styles that do not rely on long work hours as well as diverse and flexible work styles are essential for diverse human resources to work with vitality, play active roles, and create innovations. Based on this belief, we are reviewing work flows, reducing meeting times, and taking other measures to shorten work hours and create environments where employees can choose their work hours and sites.

In terms of work-life balance, MGC is working to create programs and a culture in which each employee can feel secure and motivated by their work, taking an active role over the long term in accordance with their individual circumstances.

Our return-to-work rate after childcare leave was 100% in 2019. We have established a system for supporting childcare that exceeds the statutory requirements including childcare leave until a child reaches two years and one month and shorter working hours until a child enters Grade three of elementary school. We have also established an early reinstatement support system for employees who wish to return to work early after childcare leave. In June 2016, MGC was certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as a company that supports child rearing and obtained the “Kurumin” next-generation support certification logo.

In response to diversifying ways of working and taking time off, MGC has established a flextime system (trials to abolish core time are ongoing at the head office and research institutes), as well as a system for accumulating annual leave (up to 40 days) and various types of special leave, including leave for marriage, childbirth, work transfers, volunteering, medical donors, and others. In addition, from 2020, we started trials of a work-from-home system (up to three days a week) targeting all employees of the head office and research institutes. We also have in place a system whereby those needing leave to care for family members can take up to one full year, exceeding statutory requirements. In terms of corporate culture, efforts include establishing a no-overtime day and measures to encourage employees to take their annual leave through such groups as the Shorter Hours Committee established by labor and management.

As a result of these initiatives, usage of annual leave was 95.7% in fiscal 2019 (versus 91.0% in fiscal 2018), and total working hours averaged 1,854.8 hours per employee (versus 1,863.0 hours in fiscal 2018).

Total annual working hours

* Labor union members only

Percentage of annual paid leave being taken

* Labor union members only. Average acquisition results/number of days granted in the attendance data for the month of May

Maternity leave

  • * Parenthesis indicates the number of males who took childcare leave
  • * For women, the fiscal year of child care leave is determined by the first day of maternity leave.
  • * The fiscal year in which employees took childcare leave is determined by the starting day of the leave.

Number of employees using reduced working hours for childcare

* Number of users during the FY

Number of employees taking nursing care leave

Programs to Promote Work-Life Balance

Program Description
Flextime Available on company-wide basis (to dayshift personnel only); MGC’s headquarters and research laboratory are trialing super flextime with no core time
Teleworking Trial underway at headquarters and research laboratory, with employees allowed to telework up to three days per week
Parental leave Employees unable to secure child care can take leave until child is two years old
Paternity leave Employees can take five days of (paid) leave when spouse gives birth
Nursing leave Employees can take one year of leave per family member requiring care; the year can be split into up to three intervals
Shortened work schedule for caregivers Employees with young children (up to third grade) or other family members requiring care can work a shortened schedule (up to six hours per day in 30-minute units)
Nursing leave for children Employees can take up to 10 personal days per year to care for children not yet of school age
Nursing leave Employees can annually take five days per family member requiring care, up to a maximum of 10 days if two or more family members require care
Annual paid leave by “half-day Employees can take a half-day leave up to 30 times per year
Accumulating annual leave Employees can accumulate up to 40 unused paid leave from prior years for emergency use (e.g., personal illness/injury, family illness, natural disaster)
Refresh leave Upon turning 50 years old, employees are granted five days of special (paid) vacation and paid a one-time bonus
Volunteering leave Employees who volunteer to assist with emergency disaster relief can take up to three (paid) days per year to do so
Medical donor leave Employees can take up to three (paid) days per year for bone marrow donation, including registration, screening and extraction
Re-hiring of former employees MGC re-hires qualified former employees with at least three years of service who resigned within the previous 10 years as a result of circumstances beyond their control

Promoting More Active Roles for Women

In promoting a more active role for women, we have prepared an action plan ending in 2021 that targets a four-fold increase in the percentage of female managers over fiscal 2015. Under the action plan, we are implementing measures to support career development and enhance programs that assist in balancing work and family life.

In fiscal 2019, we started conducting training to support the return to work by employees who took childcare leave in order to expand and enhance support for balancing work and childcare.
We also conducted training for all managers on methods of communicating with diverse employees including women.

Female employees and managers (non-consolidated)

* Includes employees on outside assignment

Employment of People with Disabilities

MGC also continues working to create a workplace environment that allows employees with various disabilities to fully demonstrate their capabilities. MGC’s rate of employment for people with disabilities in fiscal 2019 was 2.32%, above the legally mandated rate of 2.20%.

Employment rate for people with disabilities (as of the end of March, 2020)

Employment and Exchanges of Foreign Human Resources

We encourage hiring of foreign employees to develop business at overseas sites, promote improvements in work processes from diverse perspectives, and support R&D. We accepted interns under the government-sponsored African Business Education Initiative for Youth and are working to encourage exchanges and build networks with foreign human resources.

Employees and managers who are foreign nationals (non-consolidated)

* Includes employees on outside assignment