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Diversity and Inclusion

We established the Diversity Promotion Office in August 2019 to develop a corporate culture of respect for diverse individuality and further promote MGC’s management concept of striving to create a place where there is job satisfaction and a dynamic group in which motivations and abilities are respected.An inter-departmental committee and other organizations were established, proposals are being made to address various issues, and we are working to make improvements.

Diversity Promotion Policy

MGC  defines diversity as "the active participation of all employees through the optimal utilization of their diverse individualities."

MGC's basic policy for promoting diversity is stated below. The aim is to create an invigorated corporate culture in which all employees participate actively based on acceptance of each other and being inspired by each other, and which gives rise to a wide variety of ideas and ways of thinking.  

Basic Policy

  • Promoting awareness about respect for diverse values and ways of thinking
    We promote the development of employee awareness that ensures everyone accepts and respects the differences in each other's values, in the way they understand things, in the way they feel, and in their ways of thinking.
  • Creating an environment that ensures diverse work styles
    We are committed to promoting the development of a work environment that enables diverse and flexible work styles and to the realization of work-life balance, through "work style reform."
  • Diversification of human resources and the creation of an organization that optimizes the utilization of each and every human resource
    We promote organization development that makes optimal utilization of diversity by recruiting and appointing diverse personnel regardless of gender, age, nationality, disability, or educational background.
  • Development of human resources who can demonstrate individual strengths
    We promote human resource development that makes it possible for each employee to hone and demonstrate their capabilities and their individuality as professionals.
  • Promoting mental and physical health (promoting health management)
    Mental and physical health is more important than anything else. We are committed to promoting our employees' health maintenance and health enhancement.

(Established in January 2020)

Diversity Promotion System

We established the Diversity Promotion Office in August 2019 to develop a corporate culture of respect for diversity that values differences and further promote MGC's management concept of creating a place where there is job satisfaction and a dynamic group in which motivations and abilities are respected.

In addition, as part of the CSR Expert Committee, we have organized a company-wide "Diversity and Inclusion Promotion Expert Committee" to promote the planning of measures and activities for improvement for a variety of issues.  

Diversity Promotion System

Activity Plan for Promoting Diversity

In order to ensure that the PDCA cycle of promoting diversity is implemented, we have formulated an annual plan and are developing company-wide initiatives to achieve our goals.

The FY 2020 Activity Plan and Initiative Results for Promoting Diversity

Basic Policy Item Promoted Challenges and Targets Results of Key Initiatives in Fiscal 2020
about respect for
diverse values and
ways of thinking
Fostering awareness
  • Improvement of understanding of promotion of diversity within company
  • Implemented diversity training in new employee training, new manager training, etc.
  • Distributed clear files outlining the promotion policy to all employees
Raising awareness for human rights
  • Promotion of human rights awareness activities
  • Strengthening of measures to prevent harassment
  • Implemented human rights training in new employee training, new manager training and Human Rights Week
  • Conducted a survey on harassment for all employees to confirm actual conditions and identify issues
that ensures diverse
work styles
Work style reforms
  • Reduction of total working hours and improvement of productivity
  • Enhancement of systems enabling diverse and flexible work styles
  • Improvement of safety net
  • Promoted initiatives to improve operational efficiency at each business site (review of meetings, utilization of digital technology, enhancement of equipment, etc.)
  • Implemented trials of flextime without core working hours, telework system and discretionary work system
Diversifying human
resources and
creation of an
organization that
optimizes utilization
of each and every
human resource
Women’s empowerment
  • Promotion of career development support for female employees
  • Promotion of support for balancing work and home life
  • Implemented career training for new employees and employees reinstated after childcare leave
  • Made improvements to facilities and equipment (break rooms, restrooms, etc.) to improve environment for female employees at each business site
  • Actively encouraged male employees to take childcare leave
Diversification of human resources
  • Employment of foreign human resources
  • Diversification of hiring formats
  • Promoting more opportunities to people with disabilities
  • Held company information session especially for foreign students
  • Promoted career hiring and referral hiring
  • Promoted employment of people with disabilities, establishment of work environment and expansion of occupations for them at all business sites
Developing human
resources able
to demonstrate
individual strengths
Organization development and human resource development*
  • “Visualization” of organization issues
  • Promotion of development of human resources able to exhibit their individual strengths
  • Considered methods and tools for “visualization” of organization issues
  • Implemented concept work and design consideration for establishment of new facilities for training and exchanges
Promoting mental
and physical health
(promoting health management)
Promotion of health
(improvement of nutrition, exercise and rest)
  • Improvement of health awareness and knowledge
  • Establishment of exercise habits
  • Participated in walking events at each business site and held online exercise classes
  • Started use of exercise video streaming service primarily for eliminating lack of exercise while working from home
Disease prevention
  • Enhancement of measures to address lifestyle diseases
  • Promotion of measures to address mental health
  • Consolidated smoking areas and reviewed installation locations at each business site to promote quitting smoking
  • Implemented “Training for Mental Health (Self Care) in COVID-19 Era” for all employees

* Related to the two basic policies of “creating organizations” and “developing human resources”

Promoting More Active Roles for Women

In order to establish an employment environment where employees can fulfill their potential and in which it is easy to establish work-life harmony regardless of gender, and to moreover establish an environment in which women can serve in management roles, we are engaged in the implementation of measures to support the career advancement of female employees and the enhancement of systems to support the balance of work and home life.

In fiscal 2020, we introduced a system allowing employees who wish to accompany their spouse working overseas to take a leave of absence. Furthermore, the rate of childcare leave taken by male employees increased from 5.2% (fiscal 2019) to 13.9% as a result of actively encouraging them to take leave.

Female employees and managers (non-consolidated)

* Numbers includes employees on outside assignment and part-time employees.

Employment of People with Disabilities

MGC also continues working to create a workplace environment that allows employees with various disabilities to fully demonstrate their capabilities. MGC's rate of employment for people with disabilities in fiscal 2020 was 2.27%, above the legally mandated rate of 2.20%.

Employment rate for people with disabilities(As of March 31 each year)

Employment of Foreign Human Resources

We encourage hiring of foreign employees to develop business and acquire new customers at overseas sites, promote improvements in work processes from diverse perspectives, and support R&D.

Employees and managers who are foreign nationals (non-consolidated)

* Includes employees on outside assignment