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Message from the President

MGC Corporate Social Responsibility

We view our corporation as a citizen of our society that is supported by stakeholders throughout society, including our clients, the local communities where we conduct our operations, our employees, and our shareholders. The Group’s fundamental mission and our raison d'être is to “use chemistry to create value to share with society to contribute to social growth and harmony.” We are unwavering in our efforts to fulfill our responsibility to society and continue earning the trust that society puts in us.

Comprehensive corporate governance is not only an obligation, it’s the cornerstone of our identity and reputation. We therefore maintain a thorough system of internal control, apply a full measure of compliance and risk management to ensure the soundness of all of our activities, and rigorously implement environmental and safety initiatives.

We believe compliance is more than conforming to laws and fulfilling our internal regulations. We believe we have an obligation to engage in a wider form of compliance that encompasses business ethics and includes being proactive about meeting the expectations of society. While complying with all laws, internal regulations, and social standards, we also seek to fulfill our responsibility to society as a corporation by being fair, fully transparent, and flexible in all of our business activities. The MGC Corporate Behavior Guidelines and the MGC Group Code of Conduct provide the fundamental guidelines for how our employees are expected to conduct themselves in their daily duties.

As a citizen of society, MGC views environmental safety as a fundamental responsibility. Our Principles of Safety stipulate that “Ensuring safety is the top priority of our business activities,” and the principles are the basis for our Environment and Safety Policy. The MGC Group believes ensuring it conducts safe operations in terms of both people and the environment is an integral part of its responsibility to society. Our approach to protecting the environment includes conducting our operations in ways that respect nature, and we follow a principle of sustainable development to contribute to preserving our global environment.

We further support our environmental and safety activities through our principle of Responsible Care. This principle guides us to develop eco-friendly products and to procure and purchase environmentally sound materials and products. We continue to advance our initiative to achieve zero emissions from waste materials and are preparing to introduce green accounting.

As a maker of chemicals and chemical-based products, we believe we must hold ourselves to a higher standard of safety for our employees, for our stakeholders, and for the environment. Fulfilling our corporate responsibility is not only required to continue earning the trust of society, it is essential to the ongoing success of our business.

Fujii Masashi
President and Representative Director