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CSR Management

Message from Director in Charge of CSR

We will practice socially responsible management from a long-term, big-picture standpoint and proactively keep stakeholders informed.

The MGC Group operates a wide range of businesses, including basic chemicals, fine chemicals and functional materials. We take pride in our track record of fulfilling social responsibility by being conscientious about health, safety and the environment at every stage of the product lifecycle. In recent years, corporate management is being called upon to solve societal problems and create value over the long term, as exemplified by the ESG movement and SDGs. As we approach the semi-centennial of our founding, we recognize that we must address global environmental problems and societal issues more broadly.

Our first step toward doing so was to define what socially responsible management means to us. We define it as aligning MGC’s activities with society’s path forward while pursuing business profits based on our Group Vision of creating value to share with society and a keen awareness of our responsibilities vis-à-vis the environment, society and corporate governance. Since autumn 2019, we have been laying the groundwork to enable us to promote socially responsible management on a sustained basis. Specifically, we have established a CSR Council and CSR Committee. The former is made up of directors. The latter, an advisory body to the CSR Council, comprises corporate sector heads. In April 2020, we unveiled key issues (Materiality) deliberated on and approved by the CSR Council. We have also established a CSR & IR Division. It promotes CSR and runs IR operations as an organization on equal footing with the Corporate Planning Division within the Corporate Planning Sector. The objective of this reorganization was to formulate and execute management plans imbued with a strong CSR consciousness and effectively disseminate CSR-related information through both PR and IR channels. Our aim in upgrading our information disclosure in particular is to gain self-insight from outsiders’ perspective and continuously improve our business activities through feedback from stakeholders. In our next medium-term management plan, we intend to focus on growing corporate value through CSR-centric management as the plan’s main thrust.

By thus adopting a socially responsible management orientation, we will be better able to promptly identify societal issues as they evolve over time and to develop products and technologies of true value to society. For example, we have been involved in a research project on synthesizing methanol from recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) since 2020. This project is a prime example of how we leverage our technology and experience to create value. In the renewable energy field, we have been engaged in geothermal power projects with Mitsubishi Materials Corporation since the 1980s. To address the waste plastic problem, we have launched a recycling project in the aim of reducing our special polycarbonate resin waste to zero. We are also collaborating with other companies in plastic recycling projects.

Chemical makers are playing a crucial role in the attainment of SDGs’ sub-targets. We are confident that our innovations can help to solve various societal challenges. Capitalizing on our unique strengths and technologies, we will continue to expedite the realization of our Group Vision of creating value to share with society.

Naruyuki Nagaoka
Director, Managing Executive Officer
In Charge of Compliance and Corporate Planning Sector

October 2020

CSR Basic Policy

MGC instituted a CSR Basic Policy in February 2020 to promote socially responsible management on a Group-wide basis. MGC contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by acting sensibly in accord with the MGC Corporate Behavior Guidelines, likewise instituted in February 2020.

CSR Basic Policy

The MGC Group contributes to realizing a harmonious and sustainable society that keeps growing, in accordance with its vision of “Creating value to share with society.” The Group is deeply aware of its corporate responsibilities in the areas of the environment, society, and corporate governance and carries out its business activities in line with the MGC Corporate Behavior Guidelines.

CSR Promotion System

MGC promotes continuous improvement in socially responsible management through a Company-wide PDCA cycle. Toward this end, MGC has established a CSR Council and CSR Committee. The former is composed of directors and chaired by the President. The latter, an advisory body to the CSR Council, comprises corporate sector heads. Its meetings are convened by the General Manager of the CSR & IR Division.

The CSR Council deliberates and makes decisions on fundamental matters pertaining to CSR management, such as future CSR activities and identification of key issues (Materiality). It is also briefed on CSR initiatives’ implementation status, among other matters. The CSR Committee promotes effective CSR activities by monitoring the status of segmental CSR activities and conducting periodic reviews. In addition, it establishes various CSR Expert Committees on an as-needed basis to address specific CSR requirements/priorities.

MGC has established a CSR Department within its CSR & IR Division to serve as the CSR Council and CSR Committee’s administrative office. The CSR Department’s responsibilities include management of internal non-financial information, formulation of CSR-related policies and strategies, PDCA cycle promotion and materiality management. By stepping up efforts to organizationally contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through its operations, MGC aims to earn trust and goodwill from diverse stakeholders and grow its corporate value.

CSR Promotion System