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AGELESS ZM for mid-level moisture products (pills and powders)

・Prevents oxygen-caused deterioration in the quality of solid pharmaceuticals

・Prevents moisture transfer from inside of the oxygen absorber to the solid pharmaceuticals

・High oxygen absorption capcaity in a small sachet

・FDA 21 CFR Compliant and registered in DMF


Oxygen absorption

Size(mm) Loose
(Sachets in a bag × bags)
(Sachets in a roll × bags)
Handling time
ZM ZM-1 100 40 × 20 8,000(400 × 20) Within 4hours
ZM-1R 100 40 × 20 8,000(4,000 × 2) 1,000 or more sachets per hour

Inquiries Concerning Products

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Oxygen Absorbers Division
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