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Polycarbonate sheet/film

We offer the polycarbonate sheet and film excellent in impact resistance, heat/cold resistance, flammability, and transparency. Our products are used in a variety of applications, including automobiles, electronic equipment, nameplates, and machine parts, and are highly evaluated by users.

Iupilon sheet/film, Polycarbonate sheet/film

General grade
General sheet NF-2000
(PDF 705KB)
Adopted for various applications including automotive parts, electric and electronic parts.
Flame retardant
(PDF 279KB)
Fit for use in machinery parts where insulation is required.
General film FE-2000
(PDF 484KB)
Standard type polycarbonate film.
matte film
FE-2000M01 Film grades that can reduce reflection with the matte finish on their surfaces.
Grade for optical use
Polycarbonate film for
optical use
(PDF 863KB)
Film grade developed for optical applications. It is manufactured with improved thickness accuracy, transparency and surface appearance, as well as controlled retardation values.
Hard coat grade
Hard coat sheet IMR05
(PDF 969KB)
Surface hardness and scratch resistance are improved.
Hard matte sheet HM
(PDF 1.53MB)
A sheet that has an anti-glare surface treatment on one side.
Cover lens sheet
for Automobile
HMRS Series
(PDF 445KB)
A series with the high durability and visibility required for automobile center information displays (CID), meter cluster panels, etc.
Decorative film
for Automobile
MR Film
(PDF 505KB)
Film grades for insert molding that can achieve 3D shapes and high designability. We also offer products that combine high formability with excellent surface performance (chemical resistance, scratch resistance, etc.). It can also be used for head-up display (HUD) applications.
Grade for ID card
Film grade
for ID card
General PC & Ultra-high durability Grade
(PDF 521KB)
White Core film, Laser Marking film, Transparent Overlay film are available for ID Card configuration. Besides General PC grade, we offer line up with High Durability grade, Easy Lamination grade and Super Easy Lamination grade.
Easy Lamination & Super Easy Lamination Grade
(PDF 519KB)

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