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MAXIVE™, Gas-barrier adhesive resin

Maxive™ is a newly developed advanced epoxy resin derived from combining Poly Epoxy and Polyamine Resins. When used as a coating, Maxive™ provides exceptional gas barrier and anti-corrosive properties to various substrates, including plastics, steel and other metals. As a film adhesive, Maxive™ gives excellent clarity, gas barrier and adhesive properties.


  • Excellent Gas Barrier Properties
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Strong Adhesive with Variety of Films
  • Improve Processability & Clarity

Basic Properties

M-100 Component C-93
Polyepoxy Resin Material Polyamine Resin
Colorless Clear Liquid Appearance Colorless Clear Liquid
100% NVM 65%
2000mPa・s Viscosity (25℃) 1300mPa・s

Barrier Properties

Gas Unit Condition MAXIVE™ EVOH
Oxygen cc・mm/m2/day/atm 23℃/60%RH 0.03 0.01
23℃/80%RH 0.04 0.09
23℃/90%RH 0.06 1
Water Vaper g・mm/m2/day 40℃/90%RH 0.7 0.7
Fuel g・mm/m2/day 60℃ 0.05 0.18

Adhesive and Barrier Film Application


Typical Use Prescription

M100 5
C-93 16
Pigments 1
PGM 20
Ethanol 2
Ethyl acetate 3

Combination of MAXIVE™ and VM-films

Item MAXIVE™ Urethane
0.01 14.7
0.1 0.1
Peel Strength
280 300

*Condition OTR: 23℃/60%RH, WVTR: 40℃/90%RH

*The values listed are not guaranteed ones.

  • Achieve mono-material packages having high gas barrier properties.
  • De-aluminum foil and easy recycling leading to environmental load reduction.
  • Improve more than 1,000 times in oxygen barrier property.
Package using VM-film

*VM: Vacuum Metallizing

Product Brochure

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