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Production Capacities for Main Products

Product MT / Y Plant Comments
Hydrogen peroxide 18,000 Yokkaichi  
104,000 Kashima Kyodou Kasankasuiso Corporation*
12,000 Indonesia PT Peroksida Indonesia Pratama *
33,000 Tomakomai Shin Sanso Kagaku Company*
30,000 China Suzhou MGC Suhua Peroxide Co., Ltd.*
Super-pure hydrogen peroxide 30,000 Yamakita  
19,000 Saga  
12,000 Yokkaichi  
192,000 Korea Samyoung Pure Chemicals Co., Ltd*
70,000 US MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc.*
10,000 Singapore MGC Pure Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd.
31,000 Taiwan MGC Pure Chemicals Taiwan, Inc.*
Super-pure ammonium hydroxide 15,000 Niigata  
2,400 US MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc. *
10,000 Singapore MGC Pure Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Persulfate 18,000 Yamakita  
Lens monomer - Naniwa  
Polycarbonate resin 120,000 Kashima  
170,000 Thailand Thai Polycarbonate Co., Ltd.*
80,000 China Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Engineering-Plastics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.*
Polyacetal resin 20,000 Yokkaichi  
145,000 Korea Korea Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.*
100,000 Thailand Thai Polyacetal Co., Ltd.*
60,000 China PTM Engineering Plastics (Nantong) Co., Ltd.*
Polyphenylene ether resin 39,000 Singapore Polyxylenol Singapore Pte., Ltd.*

* It shows the total capacity of Joint Venture Plant.

* as of April 2016