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Production Capacities for Main Products

Product MT / Y Plant Comment
Methanol 4,850,000 Saudi Arabia SAUDI METHANOL COMPANY
1,600,000 Venezuela METHANOL DE ORIENTE, METOR, S.A.
1,000,000 Trinidad and Tobago CARIBBEAN GAS CHEMICAL LIMITED
Formalin 60,000 Niigata  
79,000 Mizushima  
79,000 Yokkaichi  
Neopentylglycol 45,000 Mizushima  
Hexamine 7,000 Niigata  
Paraformaldehyde 11,000 Niigata  
Methylamine 40,000 Niigata  
Dimethylacetamide 13,000 Niigata  
Dimethyl ether 80,000 Niigata  
20,000 Trinidad and Tobago  
Methyl methacrylate 51,000 Niigata  
Methacrylic esters 16,800 Niigata  
Xylene 600,000 Mizushima  
30,000   o-xylene
220,000   m-xylene
350,000   p-xylene (MIZUSHIMA PARAXYLENE CO., LTD.)
Phthalic anhydride 40,000 Mizushima  
Plasticizers 70,000 Mizushima CG Ester Corporation
Mizushima Kasozai Co., Ltd.
Isophthalic acid 120,000 Mizushima  
Xylene resin 10,000 Mizushima FUDOW Co., Ltd.

* as of February 2022