• 1971

    Established Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

    Photo: Merger signing ceremony

    Merger signing ceremonyFrom the 1950s to the 1970s, Japan's chemical industry, which achieved rapid post-war growth, often produced new products by introducing technology from overseas. However, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical was established in 1971 through a merger of equals between two manufacturers emphasizing their own technology, unusually in the industry at the time.

  • 1974

    Merged with Mizushima Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Photo: Mizushima Plant (past/ current)

    Mizushima Plant (past / current)

  • 1977

    Began producing AGELESS™

    Photo: oxygen absorber “AGELESS ™”
  • 1977

    Established Kashima Plant

    Photo: Kashima Plant(past/current)

    Kashima Plant (past / current)

  • 1979

    Established Japan Saudi Arabia Methanol Co., Inc.

    Photo: plant of Methanol (Saudi Arabia)

    Methanol plant (Saudi Arabia)In 1983, MGC began producing methanol in Saudi Arabia, ahead of the industry. To strengthen the international competitiveness, MGC make a major shift in the production base strategy from locating consumption areas to locating raw material areas.

  • 1984

    Began producing MX Nylon

    Photo: a plastic bottle using MX nylon
  • 1991

    Began producing Lens-monomer

    Photo: glasses using Lens-monomer
  • 2009

    Established Tokyo Techno Park (current Tokyo Research Laboratory)

    Photo: Tokyo Techno Park (current Tokyo Research Laboratory)

    Tokyo Techno Park (current Tokyo Research Laboratory) Strengthening MGC’s R&D system as a base for creating synergies with affiliated companies, customers, universities, and research institutes

  • 2017

    Established QOL Innovation Center Shirakawa

    Photo: QOL Innsovation Center Shirakawa

    QOL Innovation Center ShirakawaA major base for innovating various differentiated products to improve QOL

  • 2021

    MGC 50th anniversary

    Photo: logo of MGC 50th anniversary

    In 2021, the 50th anniversary of the foundation of MGC, announced group's mission, "Creating value to share with society."

Mitsubishi Edogawa Chemical Co., Ltd.

1918 Edogawa Barium Industry Co., Ltd. established through an investment by Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited
1919 Name changed to Edogawa Industrial Limited
1922 Unlimited liability partnership with Kikuro Goto.
1927 Began producing formalin, the first in Japan
1930 Acquired Osaka Plant from Nihon Acid Co., Ltd.
1933 Established Yamakita Plant
Tokyo Methanol Co., Ltd. adjacent to Tokyo Plant established
1937 Tie-up with Tokyo Methanol Co., Ltd. and name changed to Edogawa Industries Limited

Began producing printed circuit board, the first in Japan

Mikizo Nikuni becomes president
1943 Acquired Yokohama Plant through merger with Nihon Teion Kagaku Co., Ltd.
1946 Toshio Kawase becomes president
1949 Name changed to Edogawa Chemical Co., Ltd.
Osaka Branch established
1951 Corporate Research Center established
Merged with Naniwa Chemical Co., Ltd. and becomes the Naniwa Plant
1953 Began receiving supplies of Methanol from Japan Gas Chemical Co., Inc.
1956 Toshio Kawase becomes chairman and Nobuki Takeda becomes president

Began producing polycarbonate "IupilonTM" by interfacial polymerization

1962 Name changed to Mitsubishi Edogawa Chemical Co., Ltd.
Began producing hydrogen peroxide for electronics use
1963 Yokkaichi Plant established and began producing hydrogen peroxide by our proprietary technology (anthraquinone process)
1964 Nobuki Takeda becomes chairman and Yoshiro Shiki becomes president
1966 Had a stake in Japan Circuit Industrial Co., Ltd. established
1969 Tai Hong Circuit Industrial Co. Ltd. established
1970 Relocated Corpolate Research Center (now Tokyo Research Laboratory) to Kanamachi
1971 Began producing polycarbonate sheet "IupilonTM sheet" (extrusion)

Japan Gas Chemical Co., Inc.

1951 Japan Gas Chemical Co., Inc. established
Ryuichiro Enomoto becomes president
Enoki Plant established and gained natural gas mining area
1952 Niigata Research Division established
Began producing methanol from natural gas, first in Japan
1954 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Osaka Office established
1957 Matsuhama Plant established and began producing ammonia from natural gas, first in Japan
Nihon Plastic and Chemical Co., Ltd. established
1959 Integrated Enoki Plant with Matsuhama Plant, Niigata Plant established
Niigata Research Laboratory established
Japan Hydrazine Company (now Japan Finechem Co., Inc.) established
1960 Mizushima Plant established by Nihon Plastic and Chemical Co., Ltd.
Osaka Research Laboratory established
1961 Nagoya Office established
Mizushima Petroleum chemical Co., Ltd. established
Merged with Nihon Plastic and Chemical Co., Ltd.
1962 Japan Styrene Paper Co., Ltd established
Japan Pure Hydrogen Co.,Ltd established
1963 Hiratsuka Research Laboratory established
1966 Ryuichiro Enomoto becomes chairman and Takashi Eguchi becomes president
1968 AGIC established through a tie-up with AMOCO
Began producing pure metaxylene, first in the world
Chuichi Arisawa becomes president
1969 Alaska Plant established and began producing urea
1970 Mizushima Aroma Co., Ltd. established through a merger with Toyobo Co., Ltd.
Began producing MXDA
Samkyung Chemical Co., Ltd. (now Aekyung Petrochemical Co., Ltd.) established