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Members of the Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board

Representative Director,
Toshikiyo Kurai
Representative Director,
Masashi Fujii
Representative Director,
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Masamichi Mizukami Deputy Chairman of Compliance CommitteeIn charge of Research & Development Division, Advanced Business Development Division, and Business Strategy Division
General manager of QOL Innovation Center Shirakawa

Managing Executive Officers

Masahiro Johno President of Specialty Chemicals Company
Masato Inari

In charge of the Production Technology Division, Environment Safety and Quality Assurance Division,
Member of Internal Control Promotion Committee

Nobuhisa Ariyoshi

In charge of compliance, risk management, the Internal Audit Division, Corporate Planning Division, Finance & Accounting Center, Information Systems Division, Administrative & Personnel Center, Corporate Communications Division, and Purchasing & Logistics Center,
Chairman of Internal Control Promotion Committee,
General manager of Tokyo Techno Park

Directors Kazuo Sakai
Kenji Inamasa
Yasuhiro Sato
Susumu Yoshida
Outside Directors Kazuo Tanigawa
Tsugio Sato
Managing Executive officers Tomohiko Okubo

In charge of the LNG Project Team
President of Natural Gas Chemicals Company

Hiroyuki Otsuka President of Aromatic Chemicals Company
Kenji Kato

President of Information & Advanced Materials Company

Executive officers Takao Ota


Yoshihiro Kayano

General manager of Advanced Business Development Division
General manager of Business Strategy Division

Naruyuki Nagaoka

General manager of Corporate Planning Division

Yasuo Teraoka

General manager of Engineering Plastics Division,Specialty Chemicals Company

Ryoichi Kakiki


Naoki Kogure

Plant manager of Kashima Plant, Specialty Chemicals Company

Tsuguji Kawabata

General manager of Production Technology Division

Kazushi Shirai

General manager of Planning & Development Division, Information & Advanced Materials Company
Group General manager of Advanced Material Group, Planning & Development Division, Information & Advanced Materials Company

Motoyasu Kitagawa

General manager of Organic Chemicals Division, Natural Gas Chemicals Company

Takayuki Miyamoto

General manager of Methanol Division, Natural Gas Chemicals Company, General Manager of Marketing Department, Methanol Division, Natural Gas Chemicals Company

Ko Kedo

Plant manager of Mizushima Plant, Aromatic Chemicals Company

Tatsuo Iwai

Plant manager of Yokkaichi Plant, Specialty Chemicals Company

Audit & Supervisory Board Members Takashi Kimura Outside, full time
Katsuhiko Sugita Full time
Kunio Kawa Full time
Yasuomi Matsuyama

Outside, part time