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News Releases 2022

Notice of Establishment of Joint Venture with ITEQ CORPORATION in Taiwan

April 01, 2022

 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masashi Fujii) is pleased to announce that we have established a joint venture company in Taiwan for the purpose of manufacturing and selling products for the Laminated Material for Printed Wiring Board with Taiwanese electronic materials manufacturer ITEQ CORPORATION (ITEQ).

 MGC’s Electronic Materials Division, Specialty Chemicals Business Sector, provides Laminated Materials for printed circuit boards for semiconductor package applications, which are characterized by high heat resistance and low thermal expansion using our proprietary technology “BT Resin”, and which have been highly regarded in the market. And, they have been widely used in semiconductor applications such as mobile phones, personal computers, and automobiles.

 The semiconductor market is expected to grow further, driven by increased investment in data centers, the widespread of the 5th generation mobile communications (5G), and technological innovation in the automotive industry (CASE/ADAS).

 In response to the expansion and diversification of the semiconductor market in the future, MGC and ITEQ will work to provide new products for IC Substrates that meet the market demands by utilizing the technologies, equipment and knowledge of both companies by establishing this joint venture.


< Outline of Joint Venture Company >

 Company name: MGC-ITEQ Technology Co., Ltd.
 Location: No.17, Daluge Rd., Xinpu Township, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan (ITEQ Head Office)
 Capital: NTD 100 million
 Investment ratio: 51% by MGC, 49% by ITEQ
 Chairman of the Board: Tomoyuki Azuma
 Business activities: Manufacture and sale of copper-clad laminates and prepregs,
          mainly for IC package substrate applications



 Company name : ITEQ CORPORATION (聯茂電子股份有限公司 in Traditional Chinese)
 Location: No.17, Daluge Rd., Xinpu Township, Hsin Chu County
 Date of Establishment: April 10th, 1997
 Capital: NTD 3,830 million
 Sales: NTD 32,525 million (FY 2021)
 Chairman: Mr. Chen, Dennis
 Business activities: Manufacture and sale of copper-clad laminates
           and prepregs for PWBs
 Number of employees: 3,903 (as of the end of March 2022)



Public Relations Department
Administrative & Personnel Division
TEL: +81-3-3283-5040