Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Progress Update on Carbon Neutrality Initiatives

August 6, 2021

 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masashi Fujii) provides an update on progress towards its initiatives to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

(1) Ammonia as a next-generation energy source

   We believe it is our duty to supply clean ammonia
  as a CO2-free fuel. We are seeking stable overseas
  supply sources in addition to PT Panca Amara Utama
  (PAU), an indirect investee currently investigating
  CCS (carbon capture and storage) in Indonesia. Having
  established an Ammonia Fuels Business Strategy
  Team within our Basic Chemicals Division, we will
  accelerate the commercialization of ammonia fuels,
  including through collaborations with other companies
  in Japan and overseas, to start supply within Japan
  as quickly as possible.

(2) Circular carbon methanol initiative (CCM)

   As announced in a news release on March 30, 2021,
  MGC is launching ‘Circular Carbon Methanol’ production.
  As part of this initiative, we have started a proof of
  concept for the production of methanol using CO2 as a
  raw material at our methanol pilot facility (Niigata plant).

(3) Initiatives in the Niigata area

   As announced in a press release on May 28, 2021, we
  are studying effective CO2 utilization in collaboration with
  Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. We are also working
  on promoting hydrogen utilization in Niigata Prefecture
  by producing blue hydrogen from methanol using CCUS
  (carbon capture, utilization and storage).

(4) Methanol as a hydrogen carrier and fuel

   MGC offers a process that uses proprietary technology
  to produce hydrogen from methanol. We have established
  it as a well-regarded and decentralized way to produce
  and supply hydrogen on site. When combined with our
  CCM production process (See “2) Circular carbon methanol
), we believe it is a practical and effective
  method of producing and supplying hydrogen to reduce
  greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and achieve carbon

(5) Reduction of CO2

   We aim to expand our renewable energy business. In
  addition to the currently under-construction Appi Geo-
  thermal Power Plant and an existing co-ownership stake
  in the LNG-fired Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant, the
  output of which we are utilizing as low-GHG-intensity
  transitional energy, we are proactively pursuing new
  renewable energy projects, including geothermal and
  biomass-fired power plants.

(6) Practical use of hydrogen as energy

   This year, we will start trialing forklift trucks that utilize
  hydrogen-fueled FCs (fuel cells) in our Niigata plant. The
  hydrogen will be supplied from a small water electrolyzer,
  and we are working towards a carbon-free system that
  can be operated using renewable electricity.

(7) Internal initiatives

   In accordance with MGC's Roadmap toward Its Ultimate
  Goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050 released on March 29,
  we are working towards the use of renewable energy
  sources for our internal power needs. Additionally, in
  April, we started to implement an internal carbon pricing
  evaluate the CO2 emissions related to our investment
  plans in monetary terms.



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