Prevention of global warming

Illustration: Geothermal power plants

Geothermal power plants

A renewable and clean source of energy

CO2 emissions over the lifecycle of geothermal power are less than 2% of a coal-fired power plant

Benefits for the environment

Geothermal power is generated by using heat from the Earth's core to produce steam. It is a renewable source of energy that can stably generate power without being affected by seasonal weather changes. In addition, geothermal power plants emit far less CO2 than other types of power plants.

How geothermal power generation works

Figure: How geothermal power generation works. It explains the flow from production well to injection well.

MGC's geothermal power plants in operation and under development

Map: MGC’s geothermal power plants in operation and unde development
Photo: ingredients of biomass plastic

BIOMUP bioplastic

Biomass-derived resin
exclusively for use in carbon fiber reinforced plastic

Made from renewable resources, reducing CO2 emissions

Benefits for the environment

BIOMUP is made from biomass materials that can be sustainably used, reducing consumption of petroleum resources.
In addition, the CO2 generated during thermal recycling (use in incineration) is atmospheric CO2 that was captured by plants through photosynthesis, which means that no new CO2 is added to the atmosphere.

Eco-friendly biomass plastic

Figure: eco-friendly biomass plastic. It explains the system that does not increase CO2 in the atmosphere.

Examples of BIOMUP applications

figure: examples of BIOMAP applications. It introduces the examples such as modeled products for benches, materials, and powder coating and so on.
  • * Products of Japan U-PiCA, a member of the MGC Group.