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About MGC


Responsible Care Mid-term Targets

RC Code
RC Medium-Term Plan (2011–2014)

Occupational health and safety

Process safety and disaster prevention

Working toward zero occupational injuries and accidents


  • Establish a culture of safety.
  •    ・Enhance communications
       ・ Eradicate human error
       ・ Identify fundamental causes of accidents and occupational injuries, and undertake active measures to improve equipment


  • Enhance voluntary process safety inspections.
  • Enhance joint disaster prevention systems with neighboring affiliates.
Environmental preservation
  • Reduce the energy consumption intensity to below 85% of the FY 1990 level.
  •    ・Implement energy saving measures and reduction of equipment problems.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity to below 75% of the FY 1990 level.
  • Reduce emissions of PRTR substances and VOCs.
  •    ・Focus reductions on substances with high emissions volumes.
  • Achieve zero emissions of waste. (Zero emissions: Implement the 3Rs to reduce final disposal of generated wastes to 0.3% or less by weight.)
  • Workplaces that achieve zero emissions will further reduce their final disposal volume.
Chemicals and products safety
  • Provide product safety information.
  •    ・Reflect up-to-date information in safety data sheets (SDSs).
  • Conduct product risk management.
  •    ・Perform risk evaluation and risk reduction.
       ・Adapt to overseas regulations for product risk management.
       ・Conduct appropriate assessment of new products.
  • Promote development of products with lower environmental impact and energy saving technologies


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