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Sheet type AGELESS

Sheet type AGELESS has many innovative forms and functions. An oxygen-absorbing iron powder is attached on a resin, together forming an oxygen-absorbing base material. Sheet type AGELESS opens up exciting new applications where it effectively retains taste and freshness.

  • The oxygen-absorbing base serves added functions. It can be used to add stiffness to otherwise flimsy packages. It can also be used as a label.
  • The oxygen-absorbing base is flexible and workable, so you can create greatly varied AGELESS packages without making AGELESS conspicuous.
  • Formed into a sheet, New AGELESS offers greater safety and the paper-like design prevents accidental swallowing.
  • It absorbs oxygen under medium (water activity of 0.75) to high moisture content.
  • New AGELESS's action is water-dependent. AGELESS is a stable substance and easy to work with.
  • Accidentally cutting into a New AGELESS pack does not scatter the iron powder.
  • New AGELESS is resistant to microwave heating.

Sizes of Sheet types AGELESS (Water dependent types: FL·FC·FP·FS)

AGELESS Label(Type FL)

Securely attachable, AGELESS Label is best suited for automatic packaging.

Just like ordinary labels, the backside is coated with an adhesive. This way, it is easy to securely place AGELESS inside any food package. If an automatic labeling machine is used, you can attach AGELESS Labels automatically. AGELESS Label fits any packaging material.


O2 absorption

capacity (ml)

Equivalent air volume Water activity of product to be applied
FL-5 5 25 0.75 or more
FL-10 10 50
FL-15 15 75
FL-20 20 100
FL-30 30 150

What is Water activity(AW)

Water Activity (AW) is the ratio water vapor pressure (p) generated by the product itself, to the maximum vapor pressure (Po) at a given temperature. lt is also shown by the balanced relative humidity (RH%) generated by moisture transpired from the product when it is packed in a closed container.

AGELESS FX, FL, FC and FS do not contain moisture needed for oxygen absorbing reactions,however, Z,S,and E begin absorption as they are exposed to air. AGELESS FX, FL, FC and FS does not absorb oxygen under dry atmospheric conditions.


Devise many ways to use AGELESS Card, either as a package base or a page marker.

AGELESS Card allows for new, innovative applications. Available in round or square designs, AGELESS Card can be made to order to customer-specified design, size and prints. Contact one of our sales representatives for further details.

AGELESS Packing(Type FP)

Best suited for inserting in bottles.

The use of AGELESS products has been difficult in bottles, but AGELESS Packing offers a new solution. It fits snugly in a bottle and is inconspicuous. Integrated with the inside of a bottle's lid, AGELESS Packing absorbs oxygen and keeps the contents fresh. Also there is no risk of accidental swallowing. AGELESS Packing is made to order to match the cap size.


The pouch-type AGELESS does not use pulverized materials.

These are very small, slim AGELESS packs using oxygen-absorbing base sheets. Use these new kinds just like other AGELESS pouches. Available in two forms: individually packed or in continuous rolls. The rolled products can be inserted with an ordinary automatic inserting machine by adjusting the machine's sensor.

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