MX-Nylon High Barrier Polyamide

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Superior Recyclability
MX-Nylon shows superb recyclability. Because of its excellent thermal stability, it is easy to recycle without any gel formulation and/or decomposition. As shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3, MX-Nylon is more stable in a high temperature than other gas barrier materials.
About MX-NylonStructures of MX-NylonExcellent Gas PerformanceGood ProcessabilityVarious Combination with other PoimersImprovement for other NylonsGood RetortabilitySuperior RecyclabilityPhysical properties of Nylon-MXD6FDA Status MSDSGrade Information
Fig.2 Thermal Gravimetric Curves of Barrier Resins Condition: 10 Deg. C./min in air Fig.3 Thermal Stability of Barrier Resins Test Temperature
Nylon-MXD6: 260 Deg.C.EVOH (Ethylene 32 mol%): 210 Deg. C. C. PVDC: 180 Deg. PAN: 210 Deg. C.