MX-Nylon High Barrier Polyamide

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Good Retortability
MX-Nylon shows excellent gas barrier performance even after retort or boil treatment. As shown in Table 2 and Fig. 5, Nylon-MXD6/PP multilayer container has much better gas barrier performance, after retort treatment for 30 minutes at 121 Deg. C. (250 Deg. F.)
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Table 2 Oxygen Permeation Rate of Nylon-MXD6/PP Multilayer Countainer Fig.5 Change of concentration of L-ascorbic acid in barrier containers after retorting Retorting: 121 Deg. C., 30min. Analysis of concentration: Titration
Storage condition: 23 Deg. C., inside 100%RH, outside 50 %RH
Container size: volume 70mL, surface area 80cm2