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  FY2017 FY2018
Total assets (Billions of yen) 785.6 804.0
Net assets (Billions of yen) 519.1 553.2
Interest-bearing debt (Billions of yen) 106.9 95.7
Current assets (Billions of yen) 384.2 378.8
Non-current assets (Billions of yen) 401.4 425.1
Current liabilities (Billions of yen) 206.8 188.4
Non-current liabilities (Billions of yen) 59.7 62.3
Equity ratio (%) 59.5 62.6
Net assets per share *(Yen) 2,187.99 2,354.25
Return on equity (ROE) (%) 13.6 11.3
Return on assets (ROA) (%) 10.6 8.7
  • * The company conducted a two-for-one reverse stock split on October 1, 2016. Dividend figures predating the share consolidation have been adjusted to show what they would have been had the effects of the share consolidation also applied to them.

Total assets

Net assets

Equity ratio

Net assets per share*