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Safety Performance

In 2018, while we announced one accident resulting in loss work(a one-day loss) at a research laboratory, we have continued our record of zero occupational injuries at all plants.

Safety Record (MGC and partner companies)

Lost time injury frequency rate*1

*1 Frequency rate: Number of occupational injury casualties per one million working hours

Lost time injury severity rate*2

*2 Severity rate: Number of lost working days per 1,000 working hours

Collection and Dissemination of Safety Information

When accidents or incidents occur at this company, partner companies, or Group companies, MGC immediately relays the information using our safety information transmission system in an effort to prevent the reoccurrence of similar accidents or incidents.

Our plants hold accident prevention meetings and other activities with partner companies to share information.

In Japan, Group companies that handle or manufacture chemical substances share information through the MGC Group Environment and Safety Council and promote environmental and safety activities.