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Environmental Safety Action Plan

The Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (MGC) supports the main ideas of sustainable development and the creation of a recycling-based society set forth in the declaration agreed on by the nations in the world at the Environmental Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Accordingly, MGC has been promoting the Responsible Care initiative by participating in the Japan Responsible Care Council (JRCC*) since its inception, becoming a member, and establishing an Integrated Safety Management System.

Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s, including MGC, voluntary activities to harmonize business activities with global environment preservation through ensuring environment, safety and health in all stages of chemical substance life cycles from development, manufacture, distribution, use and final consumption to disposal.

* Operated as the Responsible Care Committee of the Japan Chemical Industry Association since April 2011.

RC Promotion System

MGC promotes Responsible Care on the basis of our Policies on Environment and Safety. We endeavor to make continuous improvements through the PDCA cycle based on RC medium-term plan targets and annual activity targets approved by environment and safety meetings chaired by the president.

RC Audits and Environment and Safety Audits

MGC conducts RC audits at plants and environment and safety audits at Group manufacturing companies to assess the status of progress in action plans and evaluate efforts.

Responsible Care (RC) Medium-term Plan 2020 (2018-2020)

MGC adopted the Responsible Care Medium-term Plan and set Responsible Care Mid-term Targets and is making efforts to achieve those targets in order to promote responsible care.

Category of Activities Mid-Term Plan
Occupational Health and Safety Maintain occupational health and safety processes across all operations
  • Aim to eliminate occupational injuries at the worksites of MGC and its partner companies
  • Implement regular safety activities and ensure all personnel are informed of them
  • Share and utilize information about cases of occupational injuries
  • Maintain healthy workplace environments and make improvements when necessary
Process Safety and Accident Prevention Ensure process safety and security at work sites
  • Aim to eliminate accidents in the workplace
  • Ensure proper management of equipment and facilities
  • Share and utilize information about cases of workplace accidents
  • Improve the ability of employees to ensure safety and manage workplaces through MGC’s Bridge-II activities
Environmental Conservation Reduce environmental impacts and contribute to the sustainable development of communities
  • Aim to protect the natural environment and contribute positively to communities through business activities
  • Fully comply with environmental regulatory requirements
  • Work to achieve environmental impact reduction targets
  • Contribute to improving MGC’s credibility and reputation in society with respect to environmental conservation

2020 environmental impact reduction targets

  • Reduce the ratio of total energy consumption to no more than 89% of the fiscal 1990 level
  • Reduce the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions to no more than 66% of the fiscal 1990 level (or 90% of the fiscal 2016 level)
    Reduce total greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent) by at least 320,000 tons compared with the fiscal 1990 level (or by at least 100,000 tons compared with the fiscal 2016 level)
  • Reduce waste matter disposed of in landfills to no more than 0.3% of the Group’s total waste (by weight)
  • Reduce chemical substances subject to the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register system by 10% compared with the fiscal 2017 level
Chemical and Product Safety Ensure the safe handling, usage, and disposal of chemical products
  • Work to consistently maintain safety across the entire lifecycle of chemical products
  • Stay updated on chemical-related safety information and distribute such information when necessary
  • Practice risk management of chemical products
  • Comply with chemical management regulations in each country of operations and international rules and regulations
Safe Transport and Storage of Chemicals Ensure the safe transport and storage of chemicals and related products
  • Aim to eliminate accidents and problems when transporting and storing chemicals
  • Regularly analyze problems that occur when transporting and storing chemicals, and distribute results to all relevant workplaces
  • Share information on the safe transport and storage of chemicals with the logistics departments of each group company
  • Closely monitor shipments of chemicals to final destinations and make improvements when necessary
Stakeholder Relations Build the trust of stakeholders
  • Implement initiatives for gaining the trust of stakeholders
  • Proactively disclose information
  • Expand opportunities for dialogue with members of local communities
Responsible Care Initiatives and Management
Implement group-wide environmental and safety initiatives
  • Promote environmental and safety activities across the entire MGC Group
  • Raise awareness of environmental initiatives throughout the Group
  • Practice environmental management on a group-wide basis
Improve environmental and safety management systems on a regular basis
  • Continuously make improvements to responsible care management systems

Results and Plans for RC Activities at MGC

MGC assesses plan results and implements the PDCA cycle for application to future plans in order to promote responsible care

This data was reported in prior issues of the CSR Report up to 2016.