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Together with Shareholders and Investors

To ensure shareholders and the investment community correctly understands MGC, we strive to disclose information in a fair and transparent manner through information disclosures in accordance with laws and the rules of stock exchanges, the announcement of information on our website or through media outlets, and through reports to shareholders.

Basic policy on profit distribution

MGC places the improvement of corporate value through business expansion and growth as a challenge of the greatest importance, takes into consideration investment and lending plans, financial health, and future business trends in order to realize future business growth, and works to achieve an optimal allotment of retained earnings and returns to shareholders.
Regarding dividends, the decision to continue steady dividends is made taking into account trends in business results.
In addition, MGC’s basic policy on the repurchase of its own shares is to consider the market environment, etc. while conducting such purchases in a flexible manner in order to enhance returns to shareholders and improve capital efficiency.
The year-end dividend for FY 2016 was ¥22 per share. (Taking into account the 2 for 1 share consolidation conducted on October 1, 2016, this was an increase of ¥6 per share. With a dividend of ¥11 per share without taking the share consolidation into account, it is an increase of ¥3 per share.) Taking the share consolidation into account, the interim dividend for FY 2016 was ¥16 per share (¥8 per share without taking the share consolidation into account). Therefore, the annual dividend was ¥38 per share (¥19 per share without taking the share consolidation into account).

General meeting of shareholders

The annual shareholders meeting is held avoiding peak days so that as many shareholders can attend as possible. MCG is also endeavoring to send the convocation notice earlier as well as posting the information on the company website before sending the convocation notice to give shareholders more time to consider what to vote. We also translate the convocation notice and other documents into English and have adopted an electronic voting platform in order to improve convenience for shareholders.

Briefings for institutional investors and securities analysts

For institutional investors and securities analysts, we hold earnings briefings, as well as business briefings. In addition, we posted reference material from our earnings briefings, as well as business reports, on our website in an effort to share information about MGC in a timely fashion.