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Together with Customers and Business Partners

Together with Customers

We work hard to provide safe and highly reliable products and services to all of our customers, from direct business partners to the end consumer. As part of these efforts, all of our plants have acquired an ISO 9000 series of certification in quality management.
If problems related to the Product Liability Law (PL Law) occur, the designated staff person in charge of complaints at each Company will work with the business division in question, the production divisions, research divisions, or logistics divisions, to investigate the source of the problem and design countermeasures. At the same time, the Product Liability Committee, which received a report from the designated staff person in charge of complaints, formulates and implements company-wide preventive measures.
It should be noted that problems related to the Product Liability Law have not occurred at MGC so far.
In addition to these company-wide activities, we are also striving to raise customer satisfaction in each particular business division.

Together with Our Business Partners

We carry out fair and open procurement activities in full compliance with applicable laws and we are building relationships of trust with our business partners to help build an environmentally-friendly and safety-minded supply chain.

Compliance with the act against delay in payment of subcontract proceeds, etc. to subcontractors

All of our business transactions with business partners are in full compliance with the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors. Every year we check the entire company for compliance with this important law. We have also created a check sheet to verify the applicability of this law during new business transactions and regularly hold in-house training sessions on the law to ensure complete compliance.

Working with partner companies

We are working closely with the shipping providers of our partner companies to ensure safety during transportation, to enhance logistics quality, and to carry out a modal shift. Additionally, we also carry out audits of our partner companies from the standpoint of compliance and to build more positive, lasting relationships.

Safety education at the first delivery due to our modal shift.