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Together with the Community

Interaction with local communities

Involvement in community activities

We participate in community festivals, blood donation drives, and traffic safety campaigns on local roads to encourage interaction with the local community.

Taking part in local traffic safety activities (Niigata Research Laboratory)
Taking part in a local festival (Yamakita Plant)

Supporting “Fukushima Sakura Project”

Together with the completion of the QOL Innovation Center Shirakawa in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, we supported Fukushima Sakura Project’s Haruka 2017 – Shirakawa Hana Kagari.
The project, which began in 2013 with the hope of recovery following the Great East Japan Earthquake, carries out activities that include sending seedlings of Haruka, a new variety of cherry tree, from Fukushima Prefecture to all parts of Japan. At the event, which was held in Nanko Park and attended by Kozo Yamamoto, then Minister of State for Regional Revitalization, Masao Uchibori, governor of Fukushima Prefecture, and Kazuo Suzuki, mayor of Shirakawa City, the coming of a new spring was presented through a performance of taiko drumming together with a water screen and projection mapping as well as a chorus of recovery support song Hana wa Saku (Flowers will Bloom), renewing the vision for reconstruction with the 6,500 people present.

Chorus of NHK’s recovery support song Hana wa Saku

Beautification activities, etc. in the local community

At each of its sites, MGC participates in the preservation of nearby coastal forests and cleanup activities for roads, nearby riverbeds, and other activities.

Coastal forest preservation activities (Niigata Plant)
Site cleanup activities (Yokkaichi Plant)

Environmental and disaster preparedness activities in the local community

To deepen understanding of our environmental conservation and process safety activities by local communities, MGC has continued to participate in local dialogue meetings held by the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA).
In addition, we are working together with local communities to promote safety and disaster preparedness through joint drills with fire departments and other means. All of MGC’s plants have obtained ISO 14001 certification and continually strive to improve the quality of their environmental management systems.

Okayama District Responsible Care local dialogue meeting (Mizushima Plant)

Commendation from Virginia, U.S. in recognition of performance in reducing environmental impact

In August 2016, MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc., an overseas subsidiary, gained approval for E3 (Exemplary Environmental Enterprise) in an environmental program promoted by the state of Virginia, and received a commendation. Approval under the program has three stages from E2 to E4, and E3 approval requires excellent track record in environmental conservation, as well as implementation of the rigorous environmental management system specified by the E3 program and a pollution prevention program.

MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc.

Initiatives for the next generation

We host student visits and internships involving local junior high schools, high schools, technical junior colleges and universities. Through such initiatives, we are stimulating an interest in chemistry among children and students who are the next-generation.

A student tour (Hiratsuka Research Laboratory)

Ten years since starting to provide chemistry experiment kits

MGC has continued to provide chemistry experiment kits to junior high schools near our facilities since 2008 with the aim of helping students to realize that chemistry is useful in every-day life and preventing declining interest in science. To mark the 10th anniversary of the program, we received a commendation from the mayor of Hiratsuka City.
The kits help students understand the oxidation of iron by making pocket heating pads, and so far a total of more than 100,000 kits have been used in junior high school classes in 16 municipalities. We have received such comments as, “Students gained an understanding of the workings of an every-day item and we were able to deepen their interest” and “All the students carried out the experiment enthusiastically” from junior high school teachers that we have provided the kits to.

Commendation from mayor of Hiratsuka City