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Water Resource Risk Management

MGC recognizes that water, a blessing of nature, is essential for business activities, and that it is important to enable sustainable use of water without compromising on water quality, and is working on a variety of relevant initiatives.

Water Resource Risk Management

MGC uses large quantities of water, both as a raw material of chemical products and for various other purposes, including steam-heating and cooling in chemical manufacturing processes, product refining and cleaning containers.

To sustainably use water resources essential to manufacturing chemicals, MGC manages a variety of risks. Specifically, MGC monitors its actual water consumption and uses water efficiently by measuring water withdrawal, water discharge, water usage and water recycling. In drawing from water sources, MGC restricts its intake to permitted quantities in accord with applicable laws or agreements with municipalities. Additionally, MGC discharges wastewater into rivers, the sea or other public water bodies in compliance with effluent standards after treating it to filter out identified pollutants. Data on these water-related environmental impacts are published in "Use of Water" page and "the Sustainability Data Book".

Additionally, MGC maintains a sanitary water-use environment at all its sites to provide its workforce with access to properly functioning, safely managed sanitary
facilities (wash service).

From a business continuity standpoint, MGC has identified production downtime due to drought or flooding of production facilities as a water-related risk, formulated the business continuity plan (BCP) that addresses this risk and implemented measures to mitigate it. None of the areas in which MGC’s plants are located has experienced either adverse impacts on production activities due to water stress or conflicts with stakeholders regarding use of water resources.

Meanwhile, MGC sees opportunities in businesses that provide solutions for issues surrounding the coolant water of air conditioning equipment and cooling systems. Such solutions include water treatment agents that maintain healthy coolant water quality by killing disease-causing legionella bacteria and a comprehensive water treatment system service offered through affiliate Dia Aqua Solutions Co., Inc.

Going forward, MGC will set qualitative and quantitative targets for efficient water usage to more effectively preserve water resources.