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Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation

Tackling climate change is a major challenge that calls for initiatives on a global scale for the realization of a sustainable society. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the environmental burden, the MGC Group actively promotes initiatives by utilizing the technological and development capabilities that have been developed so far.

Basic Approach to Climate Change Mitigation

  1. Formulate targets for reducing Scope 1 and 2*1 GHG emissions and steadily reduce them through planning, execution, monitoring and reassessment.
  2. Assess, manage, monitor and proactively disclose Scope 3*2 GHG emissions and take action to reduce them in collaboration with suppliers.
  3. Improve energy efficiency and raw materials’ carbon cycle and promote energy transition toward realization of a zero-carbon society by 2050.
  4. Contribute to solving energy and climate change challenges through business operations by deploying innovative process technologies and factoring whole-lifecycle GHG emissions into design and development processes.
  5. Disclose information through climate change initiatives*3.
  1. *1 Scope 1 emissions are GHG emissions directly generated by MGC. Scope 2 emissions are indirect GHG emissions associated with use of energy (mainly electric power) purchased from external suppliers.
  2. *2 Scope 3 emissions are indirect GHG emissions generated in supply chains through organizational activities such as raw material sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, sales and waste disposal.
  3. *3 MGC proactively participates in various collaborative activities to mitigate climate change (climate change initiatives).