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News Releases 2022

Circular Carbon Methanol to be Officially Named Carbopath

July 04, 2022

 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masashi Fujii) announces that it has named the products and services it offers based on its Circular Carbon Methanol (CCM) concept "CarbopathTM". CCM is methanol produced through the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and recycled resources such as waste plastics and is used in relation to chemical products, fuel and power generation applications.

 The name CarbopathTM is derived from "carbon" and "path-finder," and it expresses MGC’s desire to be a pioneer in promoting CCM. MGC is committed to realizing carbon neutrality and a circular carbon society by promoting its environmentally advanced methanol business.

 MGCs role will be to invest in the methanol production business, license methanol production technology, provide services including operation and maintenance support, and establish product sales. The company is promoting collaboration and partnerships with companies and municipalities that possess related technologies and know-how (e.g., hydrogen production, separation and recovery of CO2, deriving gas from waste products and biomass, etc.)

Based on MGC’s mission of "creating value to share with society," the company will actively work towards a carbon-neutral and circular carbon society by deploying CarbopathTM in society through public-private cooperation.


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