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Thank you for everyone who has
supported us until today.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
will continue creating value to share
with society.

Top Message

This year Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. celebrates the 50th anniversary of foundation. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many stakeholders who have cooperated in and supported our business activities until today.

MGC was founded in October 1971 through the merger of Mitsubishi Edogawa Chemical Co., Ltd. and Japan Gas Chemical Co., Inc. Amid the significant changes in economic conditions at that time, thanks to everyone's support, MGC achieved steady, step-by-step development.

Since those early days, endeavoring to create new technologies and values, we have come to assist people's lives through a wide range of business fields, from basic chemicals, such as methanol, xylene, and hydrogen peroxide, to products with highly specialized functionality, such as high-performance engineering plastics, foamed plastics, semiconductor packaging materials, and the AGELESS oxygen absorbers.

In addition, MGC now has active sites in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North and South America and is promoting further global development.

Going forward, in our pursuit of both social value and economic value, MGC will strive to become an excellent company recognized worldwide by adding innovations stemming from future research and technological development to the technology and know-how that we have accumulated.

Fujii Masashi

Fujii MasashiPresident and Representative Director

Anniversary Logo

We have produced an anniversary logo to
mark the 50th anniversary of our foundation.
Here is an explanation of the anniversary logo's meaning.


Key color

The warm red conveys a sense of both celebration and gratitude.

Meaning of the colors

  • Energy
  • Medical/food
  • Mobility
  • Information/Communications
  • Infrastructure

Circle comprising five elements

The circle expresses the wide-ranging values that we provide, based on our five business domains, to contribute to the development and harmony of society and the solution of social issues, as well as our support for people's lives and industry through these values.

Five intertwining elements

The intertwining design expresses how society will develop and harmonize through the values supplied by MGC.

Flower-like design

The flower-like design symbolizes how society will be enriched and the future will blossom through the supply of values by MGC.


1971 Signing ceremony
1971 Signing ceremony
Methanol plant  (Saudi Arabia)
Methanol plant (Saudi Arabia)
Mizushima Plant (past)
Mizushima Plant (past)
Mizushima Plant (present)
Mizushima Plant (present)
Kashima Plant (past)
Kashima Plant (past)
Kashima Plant (present)
Kashima Plant (present)
Tokyo Techno Park (TTP) (now: the Tokyo Research Laboratory)
Tokyo Techno Park (TTP) (now: the Tokyo Research Laboratory)
QOL Innovation Center Shirakawa
QOL Innovation Center Shirakawa