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Research & Development


Research and Development Policy

Led by our Group Vision of "Creating value to share with society," MGC Group has started the new mid-term management plan "MGC Advance2017" in order to achieve our aspirations for 2021. Based on this basic strategy, we are performing the following.

Administrative Management of Research and  Development Division

Masamichi Mizukami
Director,Managing Executive Officers
Administrative Management of Research and Development Division

Research and development principles

  1. Enhancing the profitability of existing businesses, especially core businesses
    • Business development which leverages the Group's strengths.
  2. Developing and creating new businesses

    • Development with a focus on timing and costs.

    • Fusing required functions and technologies.

    • Formulation of strategically-based commercialization plans.

    • Effective utilization of outside organizations.

  3.  Improving total enterprise quality in support of sustainable growth

    • Securing and developing personnel, fostering a workplace culture of taking on new challenges.

R&D Priority Areas

  1. Chemicals, materials and their manufacturing process
    • Chemical manufacturing process

    • Polymer material manufacturing process

    • New structural materials
  2.  Information and electronics

    • Materials for printed wiring board , IC plastic packages

    • Chemical polishing agent for electronics industry

    • Materials for displays

  3.  Life science & health care

    • Food packaging materials

    • Medical packing solutions

    • Supplements
    • Antibody drugs

  4. Environment and energy

    • Next-generation battery materials

Consistency between R&D Activities and Business Strategies

MGC’s research and development are divided into Company R&D and Corporate Research.
We carry out Company R&D in line with each company’s business strategies, and R&D/ Production/Sales divisions work together to assess changing market needs in a timely manner. Based on its “technology platform,” MGC will create new business in markets related to those of existing business, search for business opportunities in growth areas, and develop new businesses.
Our corporate research has tackled themes that do not belong to existing business segments, themes that cut across multiple companies' fields, themes that require medium- and long-term development, and research and development into next-generation products and technologies. In order to create a system that continuously produces new business, we have launched a New Business Development Department, an extension of our future business creation projects. This new organization handles everything from strategy formulation to R&D, market development, and initial business deployment.

Core Technologies

MGC has launched numerous products based on its core technologies.
Technological innovation never stops, and the technologies in every field are becoming more sophisticated and specialized, leading to even fiercer technological competition. MGC will intensify its existing businesses by refining core product production technologies. At the same time, MGC will develop new technologies by responding to  the market demand and developing innovative manufacturing processes.
MGC’s core technologies and products are provided to a wide range of industries and include:
solid catalysts (methanol), superacids (meta-xylene, aromatic aldehyde), specialty chemicals (electronics chemicals), polymerization (polycarbonate, polyacetal, nylon-MXD6), converting (film, sheet), composite material design (BT copper-clad laminates), oxygen absorber design (AGELESS®), and biotechnology (Pyrroloquinoline quinone)

Development Speed and Technology Alliance

Developing superior technologies and products is meaningless if they are not provided when needed by customers. Technological competition is also a competition to provide what the customer wants as soon as possible. In addition to offering a high share of proprietary products, we make positive efforts to form technology alliances with outside organizations (research institutes of companies in the same or different industry, universities, etc.) to increase R&D efficiency and speed.
Over 90% of our products were developed using proprietary technologies. By cultivating our R&D culture developed through strong technological expertise, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group aims to realize sustainable growth as a truly profitable group focused on research and development.  

Research & Development