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Research & Development


MGC will create new technologies, markets and businesses by leveraging multiple technologies based on MGC group’s technology platforms.

In line with our new Group Vision of "Creating value to share with society, " MGC Group has started the new mid-term management plan "MGC Advance2017" in order to achieve our aspirations for 2021.
Our goal is to use our unique technological platform and group synergy to be a true research and development focused company with products that provide both the social value sought by society and economic value which supports sustained growth.
In order to emerge victorious in open global competition, we are enhancing the profitability of existing businesses, especially core businesses, developing and creating new businesses, and improving total enterprise quality in support of sustainable growth, in accordance with the "MGC Advance2017" basic philosophy.  To accomplish this, we are fusing the diverse technologies of MGC Group with the functions demanded by society, creating synergy between business segments, and entering markets with high potential, as well as actively and continuously developing new processes and improving existing processes, and enhancing our level of technological competitiveness.  We are also focused on R&D and business deployment which uses the comprehensive strengths of the Group, engaging in technological alliances with outside parties, and improving both research and development efficiency and speed.

Research & Development

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Research & Development