uLextervis bio-based polyamides made from Sebacic Acid and Xylenediamin.
Lexter is a kind bio-based polyamide because Sebacic Acid is made of plants. Here is introduction of Lexter.

Features of LEXTER

  • Bio-based Polyamides made from Sebacic Acid

  • High Mechanical Strength and High Modulus even after moisture absorption.
  • 3 grades with various melting point.

Advantages of using as a Matrix Resin for Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic


  • High Strength
  • High Flexural Modulus
  • High Stability / Low Moisture Gain
  • High Interface Adhesion
Comparison of Modulus and Mechanical Strength

LEXTER shows higher modulus and strength when compared to conventional thermoplastic matrix resins.

Matrix resin Tenslie Data Flexural Data V1
  Modulus(GPa) Strength(MPa) Modulus(GPa) Strength(MPa) Modulus(GPa) Strength(MPa) %
LEXTER 117 2059 9.6 53 110 2208 55.6
N6 110 1379 7.2 49 117 1413 49.0
PPS 114 1841 8.8 49 101 1503 53.0
Mechanical Strength Retention After Moisture Absorption

LEXTER shows lower moisture absorption compared to conventional thermoplastic resins. Furthermore, its mechanical strength is hardly affected even after moisture gain.