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News &Topics  2008

December 18, 2008 Fuel DME Promotion Plant is ready to make its first delivery In January 2009 (PDF 210)  Download PDF
December 1, 2008 MGC announces results of share buyback and completion of share buyback period (PDF 26KB)  Download PDF
November 7, 2008 SUMMARY OF CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS First Half Results for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2009 (PDF 72KB)  Download PDF
November 7, 2008 MGC to conduct share buyback (PDF 23KB)  Download PDF
September 25, 2008 MGC and Kajima Corporation jointly develop new soil decontamination technology (PDF 127KB)  Download PDF
September 8, 2008 MGC to develop coenzyme PQQ as new health food ingredient (PDF 58KB)  Download PDF
August 19, 2008 Production begins at ultra-high capacity methanol plant in Saudi Arabia (PDF 48KB)  Download PDF
August 6, 2008 Full-scale development of heat-inhibiting calcium oxide desiccant AGELESS DRYTM (PDF 116KB)  Download PDF
August 5, 2008 Revision of Business Forecasts (PDF 135KB)  Download PDF
August 5, 2008 SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (Consolidated) First quarter results for the year ending March 31, 2009 (PDF 148KB)  Download PDF
July 30, 2008 MGC to reduce production of polycarbonate resin (PDF45KB)  Download PDF
June 25, 2008 Policy with regard to lowering the minimum investment unit (PDF 38KB)  Download PDF
June 17, 2008 Partial amendment to “SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (Consolidated)—Results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008” (PDF 29KB)  Download PDF
May 22, 2008 Adjustment of conversion price for Euro yen-denominated convertible bonds maturing 2011 (PDF 39KB)  Download PDF
May 9, 2008 SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (Consolidated) results for the fiscal year ending March 31,2008 (PDF 64KB)  Download PDF
May 9, 2008 Changes to Board of Directors (PDF 39KB)  Download PDF
May 7, 2008 Copper Clad Laminate Production Facility Operational (PDF 36KB)  Download PDF
April 24, 2008 Commercial Production Begins at New Meta-xylenediamine Facility (PDF 55KB)  Download PDF
February 4, 2008 SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (Consolidated) Third quarter results for the year ending March 31,2008 (PDF 64KB)  Download PDF