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Investor Relations


Medium-term Management Plan

2021-MGC Group Aspirations

  • MGC Group continues to earn the firm confidence of the public through its CSR achievements.

  • Become a truly profitable research and development-oriented corporate group.

  • Join the Global Top 30 by exceeding 1 trillion yen in sales.

MGC Group Group Vision "Creating values to share with society"

Five Basic Strategies

  • Enhancing the profitability of existing businesses, especially core businesses

  • Restructuring underperforming businesses

  • Developing and creating new businesses

  • Improving group-wide operational efficiency

  • Improving total enterprise quality in support of sustainable growth

Consolidated Numerial Targets


Target (FY2017)

Net sales ¥700.0 billion
Operating income ¥40.0 billion
Ordinary income ¥55.0 billion
ROE ≧9%

* Assumed conditions:
Exchange rate:¥115 / USD
Crude oil price (Dubai): 2015: $55USD/bbl.; 2017: $65USD/bbl


Investor Relations