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Investor Relations


Message to Investors

Environment and Safety

Led by the philosophy for being of "Contributing to societal growth and harmony by creating a wide range of value through chemistry", MGC Group engages in thorough CSR, growing together with society. We have defined a new Group Vision, "Creating value to share with society," and are aiming to achieve the value society needs.


MGC Group does business in the following diverse range of business fields, enjoying unique strengths in each.

  • Basic chemicals (methanol, etc.)

  • Fine chemicals (metaxylenediamine, etc.)

  • Natural resource and energy development (natural gas, geothermal energy, etc.)

  • Functional products for use in electronics (super-pure hydrogen peroxide, BT resin materials for printed wiring board, etc.)

  • High-performance resins for industry (polycarbonate, foam plastics, etc.)
  • Products for use in food packaging (oxygen absorbers"AGELESS®", MX Nylon, etc.)

We are planning and implementing various measures for further increasing revenue earning capacity in these business areas.


Revenue earning capacity in existing business areas is affected by external environmental factors such as economic conditions, and it is impossible to guarantee its permanency. With regard to underperforming businesses, we implement structural reforms after exploring every available possibility. The development and creation of new businesses is positioned as one of the core policies in MGC Group's medium-term management plan, and we constantly seek out new revenue sources, keeping in consideration the potential of mergers and acquisitions.


We consider sharing our profits with our shareholders to be one of our highest business priorities. MGC Group comprehensively considers business result trends, facility investment plans, and maintaining and improving our financial standing, from a medium- and long-term perspective, optimally allocating funds between shareholder returns and internal reserves for increasing corporate value. Dividend amounts are determined by combining business performance-based and consecutive dividend-based approaches. Our basic policy on treasury share acquisition is to flexibly acquire shares while maintaining a close eye on the market environment.


We look forward to the ongoing support and understanding of our shareholders and investors.

Toshikiyo Kurai
Representative Director,

Investor Relations