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About MGC



Corporations are members of society and as such are supported by various stakeholders, such as customers, local communities and employees. Until now Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) has conducted business activities so as to earn the trust and sympathy of society, based on our management concept of “making contributions towards development in harmony with society through the creation of a diverse range of value based on chemistry,” and our group vision of “working to achieve sustainable growth while contributing to society in every aspect of its highly profitable, research —driven operations.”


Specifically, appropriate corporate governance, an effective internal control system in the group overall was established, the soundness of corporate activities is ensured through implementing compliance and risk management, and environmental safety activities are being proactively pursued.
In particular, MGC does not stop compliance at simply observing the law and company regulations. We are committed to actively meeting the demands of society by broadly defining a policy of “acknowledging our social responsibilities and conducting fair, transparent and free business activities in addition to observing the law, company regulations, and social norms.” The “MGC Code of Conduct” defines the rules each employee must observe, and basic items to be observed during everyday work.

MGC is committed to Responsible Care activities, which are self-regulations for ensuring environmental safety in our products’ lifecycles, from their fabrication to disposal. Furthermore, MGC has adopted environmental accounting, develops environmental products, carries out green procurement/purchasing, and is making progress in zero emission of waste products. The results of these efforts are publicized in our environmental reports.
Through the efforts of this group’s employees, we will strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities in order to earn the trust and support of all our stakeholders.


Toshikiyo Kurai


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