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About MGC


The MGC Group Policies on Environment and Safety

As an important member of the community, the MGC Group makes an effort to earn social trust by recognizing our responsibility to contribute to the community and to secure the environment and by thinking of how to put our corporate activities in harmony with the protection of the global environment under the principle of sustainable development.

Environmental and Safety Targets

Zero Accident, Zero Occupational Injury and Environment Preservation

Fundamental Policies

  • Ensuring health and safety in our operations
  • Ensuring process safety through the improvement of self-maintenance technologies and on-site competency
  • Reducing environmental impacts and contributing to sustainable social development
  • Ensuring safety in the handling, use, and disposal of chemical products
  • Ensuring environmental conservation and safety in the logistics of obtaining raw materials and storing and delivering our products
  • Strengthening relationships with stakeholders
  • Promoting the MGC Group’s environmental and safety activities
  • Continuously improving environmental and safety management systems


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