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Specialty Chemicals Company

Specialty Chemicals Company

Specialty Chemicals Company has been concentrating on the development of advanced products directly connected with users’ requirements, for example, ultra-pure chemicals and various kinds of engineering plastic materials in support of the industries of semiconductors and liquid crystals. They are commercialized for use as the detergents of LSI boards, lens materials of high refractive index, and films for liquid crystals. They have been developed mostly in the domestic research and manufacturing facilities in contrast with multipurpose chemicals manufactured extensively in the overseas facilities.

The EL chemicals using mostly ultra-pure Hydrogen peroxide, polycarbonate resin, polyacetal resin, and polyphenylene ether resin are manufactured in the cost-competitive overseas facilities so that higher product quality and technical services can be offered worldwide. In this manner, the company is structuring a system by which the differentiation technology brought up domestically can be developed overseas in turn.


Inorganic Chemicals Division

Aromatic Chemicals Company

Through developing Hydrogen peroxide and its derivatives, and new functional products that even better meet customers’ needs, we are expanding in a variety of inorganic chemicals.
Hydrogen peroxide poses a low environmental load, and has many uses as bleach, disinfectant, oxidizer, and metal polish. Its representative application is as bleach for paper pulp, and as a chemical compound raw material.By developing products that meet customers’ needs over the years, we have developed electronics chemicals, primarily Super-pure hydrogen peroxide for cleaner for use in the electronics industry. In addition, we are working on unique fine chemicals, such as monomers for high refractive index plastic lenses used in eyeglasses.

Engineering Plastics Division

Aromatic Chemicals Company

Engineering plastics are industrial plastics that have excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance. These resins, which were self-developed at this company, are used in all kinds of everyday items.

Some examples are ,

・Iupilon Polycarbonate Resin, which is indispensable to optical disks , Light Guiding Panels and LED (light emitting diode) Lightings etc.

・Iupilon Sheet / Iupilon Film, used in flat panel displays

・Iupizeta, a specialty polycarbonate resin, that has been added new performances such as high refractive index or solvent solubility to the basic polycarbonate resin

・Iupital, used in mechanical components

・Iupiace, used in OA equipment chassis

・Reny, used in automotive components

MGC develops engineering plastics with its own original technology, and produces them in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, and China. Furthermore, we are aggressively pursuing market development for next generation products, such as a super engineering plastic polyamide-imide resin called AI Polymer.


Engineering Plastics Division
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FAX : +81-3-3283-4785

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Engineering Plastics Division Sheet・Film Group
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Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation
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