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About MGC


Management Concept

MGC management is striving to create a place where there is job satisfaction and a dynamic group in which motivations and abilities are respected.

Here “place” refers to the workplace.

  • Each individual will realize their full potential and feel a sense of purpose. A place for attaining self-fulfillment through work.
  • A place where one can get involved with one’s work with a feeling of security and satisfaction.

Management is conducted so as to create an environment of job satisfaction where employees in various places are aware of their own roles, and can exhibit creativity to the fullest–in other words, to form a dynamic group where initiative to take charge and displaying one’s abilities are emphasized, and all employees can work vigorously.

Marketing that watches the world to ascertain needs, and expands/creates markets

The role of marketing is to watch markets, society, and the world overall, sensitively detecting fluctuations and accurately ascertaining current needs and potential future needs, leading to timely information, the tapping of new demand and new markets, and substantial growth in sales. Marketing has a direct role in sales, but it is also deeply related to other departments.
The first step toward understanding the market and ascertaining needs is for all the employees to think from the perspective of the customers.

Creative research/development that deeply understands needs, and refines the seeds that will bring forth success

Research and development that thoroughly analyzes the information and ascertains the core market needs are essential. The roles of research and development are to understand the essence of needs accurately and from a broad perspective, deepen/accumulate essential technology, create/foster original technologies, constantly maintain the highest level of technology and research capacity which will be the maker’s driving force, to continually produce solid results on points that bridge the gap between needs and seeds, and to always be creative.

Production activities that work toward improved technology, environmental preservation, ensure safety, and provide better products

The essential prerequisites for continuing to be the world-leader in technology are constant production technology improvements, and safe operations without accidents or environmental damage in order to earn the trust of society, and maintain highly efficient production activities. The role of the manufacturing and technology department is to stably provide competitive, high-quality products to society through cumulative efforts that require constant attention.

An open corporate culture in which each person can share their goals and actively participate

Business goals, organization goals, and work goals are conveyed clearly to all team members so that they are understood and shared, and each member’s role is clear. Each person can fully display their uniqueness and talents, and is infused with vitality in their activities. We are creating a flexible corporate culture in which the employees and organization are firmly bonded through open communication, anyone can speak candidly, and information is conveyed promptly.

About MGC