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About MGC


Philosophy for Being

MGC contributes to societal growth and harmony by creating a wide range of value through chemistry

About MGC

This is our company. It is also an extension of us, we who gather and work here. MGC is a social entity that contributes to the world through business, while simultaneously it is a place where the individuals who gather there strive for personal betterment and realize their happiness.

Creating a wide range of value through chemistry

As a company founded on “chemistry,” we create chemical products as well as a wide range of products and services based on chemical engineering, resulting in variegated business growth.
In addition to creating valuable materials and high-performance products, we are providing multifaceted social benefits by developing environmentally friendly materials, and resource-conserving products and processes, thus contributing to environmental protection.

Contributing to social growth and harmony

By producing social benefits, we are not only creating a convenient, pleasant society, we are also contributing to the realization of a safe, harmonious society.

About MGC