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About MGC


Principles of Conduct

As a Professional Group

A professional is someone who has a high level of trustworthy knowledge and ability, and a strong sense of responsibility. Our aim is to assemble a group in which each member is a reliable professional.

  1. Courage that does not shy away from change
    • Do not be content with the status quo, try new things, and have the courage to break with convention. When the situation changes, don’t merely adapt yourself to it–have the courage to try to change your environment toward creating a better state of affairs.
  2. Aim for lofty goals
    • Always set goals that are above where you are now, and be motivated to tackle these goals.
  3. Perseverance in achieving goals
    • Overcome anything that confronts you with strong perseverance until you have reached your goal and gotten results.
  4. Build team spirit with communication
    • Expand your circle of communication in order to cooperate, build mutual trust and share goals.

About MGC