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About MGC


"We Will Achieve Sustained Growth by Creating Values to Share with Society."

MGC Group does business in a wide range of fields, from basic chemicals to fine chemicals and functional materials.


MGC philosophy for being is “to contribute to societal growth and harmony by creating a wide range of value through chemistry.” Thus we seek to be “a leading chemicals group with a major presence and a strong platform of proprietary technology.” As such, we work constantly to create new technologies and values and to grow hand in hand with society.


The globalization of recent years has made the business environment and social structure more complex. The pace of change can be bewildering. Our society has to deal with resource and energy problems, advancing IT technology, and climate change. Japan’s demographics are changing as our population grows older and has fewer children. People are more concerned about medicine, food, health, and safety. And among other changes and trends, customer needs are increasingly diverse. MGC Group has four company groups focusing on natural gas chemicals, aromatic chemicals, specialty chemicals, and information & advanced materials. They offer society a range of values starting with basic chemicals like methanol, xylene, and hydrogen peroxide. Functional products include high-performance resins, foamed plastics, materials for printed wiring board, and oxygen absorbers "AGELESS®".


Achieving sustained growth, however, means founding and nurturing new businesses beyond our traditional framework. MGC Group established the Advanced Business Development Division as a center for continually creating new businesses. Through new business areas, we will offer new values by solving social issues as they emerge.


MGC Group has reaffirmed our philosophy and future goals as based on this thinking. We sensed the need for a long-term view to clarify where we are heading and what we plan to do. Only then could we ponder our business strategy. Our group vision of “Creating values to share with society” reflects this belief.


MGC Group seeks to create not just economic but social values. We aim to achieve sustained growth by creating such shared values.


I look forward to your ongoing support and guidance.

Toshikiyo Kurai
Representative Director,

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About MGC